In 2022 New Hellboy Miniseries Coming From Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics will publish missing chapters in the Hellboy history in the form of four issues of The Sword of Hyperborea, a miniseries of four issues. It will be published in January 2022 by Dark Horse Comics. The miniseries, which features a new comic by Mike Mignola, is just one of many new chapters in Hellboy’s history following the epic B.P.R.D. : The Devil You Know storyline served as a sort of series finale for the entire Hellboy saga. B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know recapped several stories from the Hellboy universe comics over 25 years, but there are still many fertile grounds to create new stories. One example of such a story is The Hyperborean Sword’s history.
In 2013, the B.P.R.D. introduced the titular sword. : Hell On Earth #103, which was B.P.R.D. Agent Howards, a reference to Robert E. Howard, discover an ancient sword right in the middle of Chicago. Agent Howards touches the sword and is transported to the past, where he has the memories of Gall Dennar, an ancient barbarian warrior. Since then, fans have been wondering about the Hyperborean’s origins. It’s exciting to see that Mignola, and his team, are expanding their Dark Horse Comics history by adding new stories. Hellboy is a significant part of Dark Horse Comics’ 35-year history.

Superherohype reports that Mike Mignola will co-write The Sword of Hyperborea with Rob Williams, a new Hellboy writer. Williams, a Welsh comic writer, is best known for creating 2000 A.D.’s Low Life, which followed undercover Judges in the Judge Dredd universe. Laurence Campbell will draw the series. Laurence is a former collaborator of Rob Williams on 2000 A.D.’s’ Breathing Space and a veteran Hellboy universe artist who has drawn many issues of B.P.R.D. Variant covers will be created by Quinton Winter and Dave Stewart, as well as Christopher Mitten.

This miniseries is a great companion to Dark Horse’s Hellboy Universe Essentials series, which gathers many Hellboy universe stories in simple-to-read volumes. The Sword of Hyperborea is a story about how the mythical sword reached Chicago. Each issue will tell the stories of different people who had contact with it through the ages. It also sheds light on parts of Hellboy’s universe history that have been overlooked. “B.P.R.D. Fans know that the sword Howards found in a Chicago temple has strange properties,” Rob Willaims explained to Superherohype. “But they don’t know how it got there and what happened to some of those who used it in the past.”

The Sword of Hyperborea is another step in a new direction of Hellboy comics, along with Hellboy’s The Silver Lantern Club. Dark Horse and Mignola focus more on short stories and one-shots to flesh out Hellboy’s world instead of the epic multi-issue adventures that the series is known for. I love the work Rob and Laurence do here. I think that this is the type of stuff that will keep the world alive and thriving. It builds on what has been done and expands in new directions. Mike Mignola released a statement saying that he couldn’t be happier. B.P.R.D. has ended. : The Devil You Know has concluded, and the story of the Mignolaverse is complete. Now it’s time for us to fill in the gaps. The Sword of Hyperborea #1 will be available on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

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