Indigenous Mutants Unite In Marvel Voices: Heritage Sneak Peek

Marvel has gathered its Indigenous heroes – Echo (aka The New Phoenix), American Eagle, and X-Men’s Mirage and Forge – to create a massive preview of stories in Marvel Voices Heritage #1. This one-shot special, available in print and digital on January 12, features top Indigenous writers and artists sharing brand new stories with many Marvel Universe characters.

The Marvel Voices podcast began as a podcast that highlighted characters and creators from underrepresented communities. It has since expanded to include a series of regular one-shot comic books. The Marvel Voices books have highlighted Indigenous creators from the past. Heritage is a continuation of this tradition. Since 1966’s Fantastic Four #50, Indigenous characters have been a part of Marvel Universe for more than 50 years. Thunderbird, one of the founding members of the “All-New, All-Different X-Men,” which helped redefine the franchise, was one of these notable Indigenous characters. He will soon be featured in a huge-sized comic after his resurrection.

Marvel Voices Heritage #1 preview: An elderly Indigenous man looks up and is shocked to see flaming arrows rushing out of a tunnel in his sky, dethroning an attacking robot. He looks up to see five Indigenous X-Men advancing into battle against the robot. Greycrow, Mirage, and Risque are among the assembled mutants. The mutants tell the older man to relax and let the monsters handle the threat. The old man stares in disbelief and yells, “Skoden!” The preview is only one page long. This leaves readers with no other options but to wait until January 122th to see the amazing team in action. Marvel has provided pages for additional stories.

The preview shows ‘Snowguar d:The Tuurngait’s Song’ by Nyla Innuksuk and Natasha Donovan. This story features Champions hero facing down supernatural beings and the near future for the American Eagle.

Marvel’s Indigenous heroes are available to fans when the comic hits stores. The anthology collection promises to bring together Xmen icons and reveal the future for heroes after the Avengers. It will also shed light on Echo’s ongoing journey as she embraces and uses the Phoenix Force to become one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes.


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