Jason Todd’s Second Death Revealed in New DC Preview

Also known as the Red Hood, Jason Todd has been seen dying in a preview for Task Force Z #3. This preview is available in print and digital on December 28. While he was the second Robin, Todd died at the hands of the Joker. He was revived many years later. He assumed the role of Red Hood and has been an uneasy ally to Batman since.

Red Hood, who has experienced death and rebirth twice, has a unique perspective that makes him the perfect leader of Task Force Z, the Suicide Squad spinoff. The mysterious “Mister Crispin” leads this team that takes dead villains such as Arkham Knight, Bane, and Man-Bat, and resurrects them using small amounts of the mysterious “Lazarus Resin.” This substance is derived from Ras’ al Ghul’s Lazarus Pits and can revive a person. The resurrected villains are offered a place on Task Force Z and could be eligible for a full dose. Red Hood has been chosen to lead this unit while also searching for clues about the identity of Mr. Crispin. Red Hood died while on a mission to recover Deadshot’s corpse. Now it is time for Red Hood to get his dose of Resin. Taskforce Z #3 was written by Matthew Rosenberg. It features art by Eddy Barrows and inks from Eber Ferreira. The colors are by Adriano Lucas. Letters by Rob Leigh.

An opening preview of DC Comics is at the “Chop Shop,” headquarters for Task Force Z. Red Hood is now on the operating table, and team doctors are trying his life. Red Hood collapses, and it is decided to inject him the Resin. It immediately works and brings him back to health. He questions the doctors about whether they used the Resin on his body, telling him no. The doctors tell him to rest, and the preview ends with him visiting Deadshot, who is now part of the team.

Red Hood’s second death was short-lived, thanks to the Lazarus Resin. The Lazarus Pits were also a factor in his first resurrection. Is the Red Hood now dependent on the Lazarus Resin for his life? Although technically dead, he was revived and dependent on the Resin. Is it possible that he is less dependent on Resin because he was only dead for a brief time instead of being long-term? Will he ever find the identity and the origin of Mister Crispin’s mysterious character? The answers will be revealed to the fans over time.

Red Hood’s views on death and dying make him an ideal leader for Task Force Z. Now, he is dead again. Although the death lasted only a few seconds, it was enough for Red Hood to be shaken up by his unpleasant memories.

Jason Todd’s Red Hood, DC Comics’ Nightwing 2021 Annual confirms that he changed from guns to a Crowbar. Although he decided to use a crowbar to protect his family and serve justice better, it is also due to a desire to be less lethal in his efforts to do so. It involves his surrogate father, Batman, and his long-lasting trauma from the Joker.

Nightwing 2021 Yearly #1 by writer Tom Taylor and artist Cian Torey, Dick Grayson sees surveillance footage showing Red Hood opening fire on a group of criminals and FBI agents. Nightwing, however, decides not to condemn Jason immediately. Instead, Nightwing confronts his brother to hear Red Hood’s side of the story despite overwhelming evidence. Dick believes Jason, after hearing Todd deny any involvement. This is especially true considering Red Hood’s recent decision not to use guns (even ones with rubber bullets) anymore.

When Dick asked Jason why he was using a Crowbar now, Jason confirmed that it was a deliberate decision. First, the crowbar was used by Joker to kill Jason in the “Death in the Family” arc. Jason was attacked to death and then killed in a warehouse explosion. Batman could not save him. Although he was later raised to become the Red Hood, the trauma from the beating seems to have never gone away. Jason seems to have taken a page from Batman regarding fear. He revealed that his weapon choice is a way to face his demons. Nightwing couldn’t help but notice that Jason should have dressed as a crowbar.

Nightwing’s jokes aside – it seems that Red Hood’s crowbar is based on the same logic and obsession with Bruce Wayne’s bats as Nightwing. It seems that Red Hood’s Batman imitation is limited to this. Although Dick claims that Batman is proud of Jason for not using guns anymore, Todd made it clear in Batman, Urban Legends, that he did this because he wanted not to hurt innocent people through the ripple effect of death. Not because he wants Batman to follow his rules.


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