Jodie Whittaker Doesn’t Think Female Doctor Who is Linked to Male Crime

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker had responded to a UK minister’s claims that her casting of the Thirteenth Doctor had contributed to an increase in male crime. Jodie Whitaker, the first woman to take on the role of Time Lord after twelve male predecessors, has received a lot of attention. Although some coverage has focused on Whittaker’s role as a female leader and expanded the scope of Doctors, there has been much criticism of Whittaker since she first stepped in front of cameras for the first episode. Online commentators have consistently claimed that Whittaker’s casting was an “incorrect” move and that it is damaging to the show’s history.

Nick Fletcher, Conservative MP, recently revived this conversation. He blamed Whittaker for his casting and several other gender-flipped reimaginings for the UK’s rise in male crime rates. Fletcher stated that some men wanted “all-male characters or good role models” to be replaced by “women” in a debate held on International Men’s Day. Leaves young boys with anti-heroic characters like Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders. Fletcher speculated that casting decisions could hurt young males and stated, “Is it any wonder that we see so many young men committing crimes?” ”

Jodie Whittaker, an actor, responded to quotes that directly blamed her for the rise in male crime. While the actor offered a diplomatic and polite take on the matter, she acknowledged that Fletcher’s remarks were somewhat absurd. She also addressed a troubling subtext in the words of politicians while reiterating that media coverage can have a positive impact on the inclusion of a wider range of people.

It’s both amusing and horrifying. Although I love to believe the world revolves around me, I don’t think I have much control. I am not immune to the sinister side of things when women are blamed for men’s actions. This is a dangerous statement. Women make great role models, I believe. They aren’t being removed from their role. It’s broadening your horizons.”

Whittaker is expected to hand the role over to the Fourteenth Doctor. Makes a strong point about women being made to feel guilty for the actions and decisions of men. Fans praised Whittaker for being a positive role model to young girls. This was documented in fan responses to shows such as The X-Files. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) inspired many women to pursue STEM careers in a phenomenon known as “The Scully Effect.” Whittaker also suggests that women can be great role models for boys and that it’s healthy to see people of all backgrounds in any media diet.

Nick Fletcher may suggest that boys no longer have male role models, but that would ignore that most of the industry is still dominated by white men. Although major franchises like Star Wars or Ghostbusters now have more female representation, it is still rare. It is often met with the same online backlash that Whittaker received earlier when cast as the Thirteenth Doctor. Jodie Whittaker’s thoughtful reply effectively refutes the extreme claims against her. It is also a demonstration that fans love her as an excellent ambassador to Doctor Who.


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