Jon Gruden was removed from Madden 22, November Title Update patch notes

The November Madden 22 Title Update 2.02 has arrived. It contains patch notes that include fixes for current-gen and next generation versions. After being accused of using homophobic, racist, and misogynistic language, Jon Gruden, the former Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders was fired.

Rich Bisaccia is the interim coach. He has been replaced in-game with a generic likeness. It wouldn’t make financial sense.

It makes no sense for EA not to create a new model of Rich Bisaccia, when he could be permanently replaced at any moment. They will probably just wait until Gruden’s replacement is confirmed.

What other information is contained in the November Title Update Gridiron Notes?

These are the updates and fixes for Madden 22 update 2.02 on all platforms. You can find a longer list of fixes on next-gen consoles at 

General Gameplay Updates

Delay Fades

EA finally took action to remove the Delay Fade after a series of complaints from fans. It was almost impossible to defend against the Delay Fade, which severely affected both casual and competitive gaming.

While Delay Fades aren’t completely gone as some players hoped, the user-controlled aspect of Delay Fades has been eliminated. You will not be able control when the Tight Ende releases into your Delay Fide after the update.

The Yard

Yard gameplay has been modified in a couple of ways. The first is an issue in which the AI-controlled Quarterback was constantly being sacked and beaten by the defensive Spy Pass Rusher. This has been resolved. Another is a tuning adjustment that makes Yard players more aggressive on offense. This will lead to more exciting gameplay.

Franchise Mode updates

A number of improvements have been made in Franchise mode since the Madden 22 2.02 update.

  • Fixed an issue in which coaches were being shown as having been hired by multiple teams during the Staff Moves screen
  • A rare problem wherein an infinite load would occur after playing a Franchise game was fixed
  • After simulating the next season, a rare crash occurred when you re-enter the staff screen.
  • Scouting was able to fix an issue where Free Agent Scouts had been assigned to a particular region.
  • Corrected the incorrectly awarded goal “Never Reach 4th Down”.
  • Fixed a Weekly Strategy bug that caused teams to be ranked #33 in one stat.
  • A pregame stat banner was updated to reflect correct team statistics during the season

For the complete list of patches for current-gen consoles, and PC, make sure to visit the Gridiron notes. If you’re on a PC, check out our guide to Madden 22 system specifications.


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