Lady Gaga & Adam Driver Improvised House of Gucci Sex Scene

In the beginning stages of Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, Lady Gaga (and Adam Driver) improvised their sex scenes. Scott’s true crime drama has gained considerable momentum since its inception. The film was shown at premieres in London and New York and has received much critical acclaim. Lady Gaga’s portrayal of Patrizia Reggiani (ex-wife of Gucci fashion house chief, Maurizio Gucci) is a significant part of the hype.

It could be said that Scott, who introduced the world Alien, and the multi-Oscar-winning Gladiator, has delved deeper into the portrayals of the Italian criminal underworld. House of Gucci is Scott’s second exploration of a disturbing but fascinating period in European history. 2017’s all the Money in The World tells the story of John Paul Getty, an oil magnate and his 16 year-old grandson’s 1973 kidnapping at Rome. House of Gucci tells the story of Gucci’s marriage to Reggiani and the dissolution of that relationship. The murder of Gucci was also covered after Reggiani hired an assassin.

House of Gucci isn’t content to revel in the horrors of Gucci’s death. The tragic story also features a love story that Reggiani and Gucci tell during their early years together. Driver revealed that the film’s first sex scene features was improvised. Driver claimed that Gaga and Driver were comfortable together at the time of the scene being shot.

“We blocked it as we would any fight scene or any scene. Then we ran it maybe once or twice and that was it! It was a feeling, you could say! It sounds like I am saying a double entendre but we won it! Also, I’ll say that we had been filming for about a month at that point so we were very comfortable going where we needed.

Although most people have just over a week before the film hits theaters, those who were able to see an early screening of House of Gucci have been incredibly impressed with Gaga’s performance. Already, the film has been hailed as a contender to win an Oscar. Driver mentioned that Driver was impressed by the film’s comfort, which is especially impressive considering the fact that Driver’s sex scenes have been criticized for being too wild.

Gaga should also be aware that, while she has performed professionally in the past, her experience with feature films is much less than Driver’s. It is no small feat to have improvised a sex scene alongside one of Hollywood’s most prominent stars. Driver also spoke of the comfort of knowing that the film’s cast was able to go in any direction they wanted. This is definitely one of House of Gucci’s strengths. It will be fascinating to see where these strengths lead the film in the coming weeks, months and years.

On November 24, Ridley Scott’s crime drama House of Gucci will premiere in theaters. The film tells the story of Maurizio (Adam Driver’s) murder by his wife Patrizia (Lady Gaga). Al Pacino, Jared Leto and Jeremy Irons star in the film.

Screen Rant Leto spoke with him about his role and working with Scott. He also shared his excitement about Mobius.

Screen Rant: Your presence off-set is very well known. Did you ever go out on the town in your Paolo Gucci prosthetics? It’s a great opportunity to disguise yourself for an evening.

Jared Leto – I did it every day. But you just reminded us that I haven’t spoken about this yet. However, I did my hair and makeup in my apartment in Rome. When I was in Milan, the hair and makeup were done at the hotel. We would then walk down from the apartment or hotel to the street, and we’d be off to work. It was wonderful.

It was a great way to get me to a new place, and it helped me fall in love with him. He’s a man who is bigger than life. He is a dreamer. He has a great sense of humor and physicality. It was a dream come true.

It’s amazing to me how long it took for them to get on board and say, “Wait a second… That’s Jared Leto!” 

Jared Leto (Yes, they might have thought I was another person). It was part of their background. That’s an honor. And I’m sure that some people have already seen the movie and have watched the entire thing. You’ll think, “Okay, Jared was in the movie.” “Where is he?” This is also a lot of fun.

Ridley Scott gave me the gift of faith and the chance to bring this role into being. He is one of my favourite directors. He is a master craftsman. He is a master craftsman. I am just thrilled to have had the opportunity to work alongside him. It’s a beautiful thing to be with Al, and see him believe and have faith.

The Morbius trailer was a great Easter egg hunt. It’s exciting. Jared, do we know what’s coming? What do you think we are actually in for?

Jared Leto, I don’t know whether it’s descriptible! But Dr. Michael Morbius is exciting me. It is truly an honor to bring a character alive for the first time. It’s even more difficult because so many great characters have been on screen before.

It was something that I found very exciting and it was a movie that allowed me to just go to the cinema and have a good time. That’s what I hope people take away from House of Gucci or Morbius.

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