You can’t tweet about League of Legends these days without someone stating, “dead game lol.” This has never been true. It’s one of those bits of community flotsam that attaches any live service game that’s been around a while. Riot has released a new player statistic to show how active and kicking the League series.

Riot was unable to provide any details about the tweet, so I reached out. Although the publisher would not give details about the number of titles used, the publisher said that the figure was based on League of Legends games. “This includes League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift as well as Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, Fight for the Golden Spatula (licensed to China)” No Valorant, which would have added approximately 14 million players per month.

League of Legends: Wild Rift may be contributing big numbers: A slimmed-down version of LoL that’s optimized for mobile, it was released by Tencent in China on October 8.

These figures are often presented by publishers, but they do not reflect the total number of accounts that were created during the game’s life. Riot’s staggering figure is based only on accounts that were used to play at most one of its games within the last month.

Riot explained to us how it defines monthly active user. “Monthly Active Users (‘MAUs) are the number of users who access a game. In this case, that would be the October calendar month. Two users would be a player who has accessed two of our games.

These figures are amazing, even if accounts are playing LoL games twice a month. For a better understanding of the scale of things, it was estimated that Steam had 120,000,000 monthly active users in 2020. Riot’s momentum is unstoppable, with projects like Arcane, a Netflix series, and larger games in the pipeline.

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