League of Legends’ Yuumi Is Playable with Broken Fingers, Player Proves

One League of Legends player said that Yuumi, the support champion, is simple enough to play with two broken fingers. This new video proves that the Magical Cat champion is one of the League of Legends’ lowest-skill characters.

You were released in 2019 to League of Legends as a supporting character. Yuumi’s Enchanter champion kit focuses primarily on healing and empowering allies. Yuumi’s unique feature was her ability to attach to ally champions. You can connect yourself to partners and not be attacked by enemies while attached. You are one of the most accessible champions to play League of Legends. She doesn’t need to place herself or attack her enemies. A recently released video shows that Yuumi’s skill is much lower than previously thought.

Reddit user Reddawg868 posted the video to Reddit. It shows a Yuumi game by a player who recently broke two fingers. The cast covers the player’s left hand, making it impossible for them to use the mouse or type. Reddawg868 discovers a clever way to use his left hand to push the keys. Reddawg868 uses a pen in his hand to tap the keys sequentially instead of risking hitting the wrong button accidentally. Yuumi’s kit makes this an easy process, even though it takes quite a while.

The League of Legends community was quick to jump on this. Players sarcastically called Reddawg868 the most mechanically-skilled Yuumi player on their server. Some joked that Reddawg868’s Yuumi-friendly kit would allow him to climb the ranks quickly. League of Legends players seems to have a great time with Reddawg868, showing how easy Yuumi is in the video.

It’s not surprising that there are over 150 League of Legends champions. Some players have been criticized for being too easy or challenging to beat. You are is just one example of a player who has drawn the ire of League of Legends members, known to be among the most toxic gamers. One Yuumi player demonstrated that it is easy to play the Magical Cat.


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