Hunt: Showdown’s elegant, old-timey setting and heartbreaking approach to permadeath have always felt more sophisticated than the typical battle royale-esque title. This is reflected in the Legendary Weapon skins that range from elaborately engraved revolvers to rifles with mysterious wood-carvings. There is no emoji graffiti or neon pink cameo here.

The Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops event gives you the chance to grab a couple of these Legendary Weapons and the Legendary Hunter Lulu–a courtesan-turned-hunter. The event began on November 24th and will run until December 1st. To receive the rewards, you just need to link your Hunt account with Twitch and then watch Twitch streams for a set amount of time. The streams can be left running in the background or you could leave them open. But I think Hunt: Showdown is a very suspenseful game (so it’s no surprise they’re making the game into a TV Series).

These are the remaining rewards and the required watch time to unlock them:

Drop 5: Legendary Weapon “Alley Cat”, Bornheim No. 3-watch for 90 minutes

Drop 6: Legendary Weapon Legendary Hunter Lulu – Watch for an additional 180 minutes after Drop 5.

Bonus Exclusive Drop: Legendary Weapon “The Marquis”, Knife–watch 90 minutes with selected Hunt: Showdown Partners

The next step is to be taken to a list with Hunt: Showdown partner streamers. Drop 5 and Drop 6 can be viewed on any Hunt: Showdown Twitch stream that has the tag “Drops Enabled”, but you will need to watch 90 minutes from one of the 15 streamers listed in the “The Marquis” section of the partners page to receive the bonus exclusive drop.

You can watch any of the 15 streamers as part of the drops. If you have a limited time, just tune in to one of them to receive two drops after 90 minutes and then the legendary hunter after 180 minutes.

To get the rewards in-game, you must claim them on your Twitch Drops Page. Some users are complaining that Twitch rewards take a while to appear in-game. One solution is to unlink and then relink your Twitch account and Steam account via the Hunt site.–jour-de-carte-cadeau-gratuite-paypal–jour-de-carte-cadeau-gratuite-paypal/c/Jgqn_LMfFvQ—get-unlimited-gems-coin–online-generator-tool

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