Mario 3 Walk Cycle With 24 Frames Of Animation Is Way Too Bouncy

Mario’s character sprite animation in Super Mario 3 was made with 24 frames rather than the usual three. This makes the spirit a little too animated for most people. Super Mario 3 was released on the Super Nintendo in the early 1990s. Many consider it one of the most important video games ever made. Mint copies of the game were sold at auctions and fetched upwards of $156,000. Since its debut, Super Mario 3 was featured in the 1989 film The Wizard.

Super Mario 3 put players in control, either Mario or Luigi. They had to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom in search of Princess Peach. The basic gameplay from Super Mario has remained unchanged, but Super Mario 3’sretro2D graphics and minimalistic animations still have a certain charm.

Some fans have tried to recreate Mario’s running animation from Super Mario 3. Reddit user bum shared his results on R/gaming. A GIF animation was posted by Reddit users showing Mario’s 24 frame run cycle. It is noticeably more animated than the Super Mario 3. Many fans commented that Mario’s running animation was too bouncy. He’s constantly jumping up and down while his Tanuki tail and hat are flapping. Bumpity bump later explained that the energy was created by an AI algorithm rendering Mario within 24 frames. They then decided to make a joke about it.

Fans have modded the Super Mario 3 many times before. Another example is when a player discovered a way to switch Mario for Luigi during a playthrough. This was done by going beyond Super Mario 3’soverworld map. The Strong National Museum of Play found and preserved a rare PC port of DOOMdeveloper Software. This was after former developers like John Romero, and David Kushner had only been able to tell about it for decades.

Although bumpitybum’s Super Mario 3running animation looks fluid and well-animated, it is too bouncy for a platforming game. Mario is prone to jumping around, making it difficult for players not to follow him in the simplified scene in bumpitybum’s post. It’s easy to see how this chaotic running animation would look during Super Mario 3’s most intense levels. So perhaps it’s for the better that Nintendo decided to make Mario’s famous run cycle shorter.


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