Mario Golf Super Rush Surprise Update Adds New Playable Characters and Courses

Mario Golf Super Rush is definitely getting greener. A free update is available for Mario and his friends to the arcade-style golf game. It adds several new characters as well as a few new courses. The best part? The best part?

Today’s Nintendo Direct includes the announcement of the Mario Golf Super Rush update. The Nintendo digital presentation featured several major reveals. These included the announcement of the Super Mario movie voice cast and a new Kirby video game. The big N also announced a major expansion of its Nintendo Switch Online service, including games from both the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

A 30-second trailer has shown Mario Golf Super Rush, which will feature a pair new characters on the fairway. Koopa Troopa is the first character to be revealed. She has been both a friend and foe of Mario. Koopa Troopa is known as Shell Skipper for his Special Shot, which blasts balls away with every bounce. The shell spins and knocks anyone that comes into contact with it, making his Dizzy Dash move. Ninji, a less well-known Nintendo character, is the other golfer. Ninji is quick and enjoys being airborne. This can be seen in his Hop Skipper Special Shot or Glide Dash moves.

Two new courses are being added to the site’s latest update. Blustery Basin will allow players to play on a mountainous course that is susceptible to crosswinds, blizzards, and should greatly affect the ball’s roll. Spiky Palms is the other new Mario Golf Super Rush course. Spiky Palms features serene sunsets, resident Spikes, and many other “pointy things”. This new content is a little different from the Mario Golf Super Rush update which only added one character and course in Toadette or New Donk City.

The vast majority of Mario Golf Super Rush updates were welcomed by players. However, one update was controversial. This controversy is caused by a update to Princess Daisy’s voice line. She has since become a fan-favorite character in the game. Daisy used to say “Whatever!” before the latest update. When getting a bogey, Daisy used to say “Whatever!” This line was changed to simply booing by the patch. Many fans find this bland and distracting from her personality. Although the dialogue line seems insignificant, Nintendo decided to alter it.

Mario Golf Super Rush seems to have been a huge success. Its content offerings were bolstered months after its release by post-launch support. With Mario Tennis Aces now and Mario Golf Super Rush, could see the return of Mario Strikers which many Nintendo enthusiasts have waited for for years.

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