Marvel’s Avengers Adds Hawkeye Skin for Clint Barton From Disney Show

Marvel’s Avengers has announced that they will offer a new outfit to Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) identical to the one he wore on the last show.

The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe project, the Disney+ show Hawkeye, has wrapped. This content has made its way into the action role-playing game Marvel’s Avengers. Clint Barton (one of the heroes known as Hawkeye) has a new skin update to Marvel’s Avengers. It matches the outfit he wore in the season finale Hawkeye.

Marvel’s Avengers isn’t new to adding outfits central to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Natasha Romanoff, for example, got her white outfit from Black Widow and added it to Marvel’s Avengers shortly after the movie’s release. Although Black Widow was a character in Marvel’s Avengers, fans clamored for Square Enix outfits that were more faithful to the MCU movies. Marvel’s heroes, such as Black Panther, Thor, or Spider-Man, have seen their wardrobes updated with movie-accurate outfits. Clint Barton’s Hawkeye has joined this club.

Marvel’s Avengers On Twitter, it was announced that to celebrate the airing of Marvel’s season finale, Hawkeye On Disney+, Clint will get a new outfit that matches his MCU counterpart. Clint’s companions gave him a new suit in episode 6. The black-and-purple outfit was based on that. Hawkeye is accompanied by his protege Kate Bishop in the battle against the Tracksuit Mafia and Kingpin. The new outfit will be made available in Marvel’s Avengers Beginning December 23, and the marketplace will open.
Although it might seem odd to have Marvel’s Avengersimmediately capitalize on the conclusion Hawkeye has ended, the MCU and the game have been working hand-in-hand ever since launch on new content. Apart from Natasha Romanoff’s Spider-Man to Marvel’s Avengers, outfits seen in many Web-Slinger movies were also added during the marketing period leading to Spider-Man 2: No Way Home. Square Enix also confirmed that many heroes, including Spider-Man, were outfitted in the same style as those seen in the movies.

These movie-accurate skins won’t affect the gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers, but they can be useful for players who wish to recreate or relive moments from comics or films. Players love to recreate the “Spider-Man-pointing” meme with the new skins. Fans wait impatiently for the next member of Marvel’s Avengers roster as Marvel’s Avengers closes its second year.

Crystal Dynamics’ developer promised that more DLC content would be coming to Marvel’s Avengers by 2022. Despite the controversy surrounding Marvel’s Avengers’microtransactions, Crystal Dynamics continues to add new missions and characters to its team-based action RPG title. It also introduced cosmetics like alternate costumes from MCU movies and the much-anticipated Black Panther War For Wakandaexpansion.

Just last month, Marvel’s Avengers players finally saw the long-teased arrival of Spider-Man, added to the game’s roster of playable heroes as a PlayStation-exclusive character. His story is not told in a campaign, unlike past heroes like Hawkeye or Black Panther. Instead, it’s told in smaller missions and unlockable audio tracks. November also saw the release of Klaw Raid: Discordant Soundmission. This mission tasked players to complete challenging puzzles and defeat waves of enemies to stop Klaw’s latest attempt to destroy Marvel’s Avengers Wakanda.

LyricsMode posted Nick Edwards’ statement on Reddit (via CBR) that Crystal Dynamics will continue its support of Marvel’s Avengers despite the release of Klaw Raid last week. Edwards stated that while the developer did not specify exactly what would be added to the 2022 content, the team was excited to share what they have been doing for Marvel’s Avengers and that more content is being planned for 2022. Edwards stated:

These statements were made in response to a comment by Phil Therien, Game Director, during a Livestream. This implied that Crystal Dynamics was still working on the new Marvel’s Avengers content.

Marvel’s Avengers has struggled to reach the same level of success as other comic-based games, such as Rocksteady’s Batman series or Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man. Square Enix reported a net loss in the period Marvel’s Avengersfirst launched. Crystal Dynamics was also hit by controversy over in-game boosters. There were allegations that the microtransactions made it a pay-to-win situation for players. Despite initial reservations about Spider-Man only being available on PlayStation 3, things are looking up for Earth’s greatest heroes.

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