Marvel’s New Venom Series is Giving Fans The Best of Both Brocks

Marvel’s Venom series has two stories in one. It features Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock as they embark on two different symbiote stories.

Marvel Comics’ Veno series offers fans double the symbiote shenanigans and the best of both Brocks. Eddie Brock, the god-like King of Black after defeating Knull, has ascended into a higher plane of cosmic existence. His son Dylan, who has now become the Venom of Earth, is operating in a more grounded capacity as he bonds with the classic symbiote, its new host. Marvel’s new series effectively tells two stories: one about Eddie’s cosmic journey, and the other, Dylan, is on the run as an escapee.

Al Ewing, Ram V and Bryan Hitch are the authors and artists of this new Venom series. Ewing will handle the Eddie side, and V will focus on the young Dylan. Although Eddie Brock was killed in the first issue of the series, it was revealed that Eddie’s body was destroyed, and his mental connection with all symbiotes across time and space allowed him to live in a new symbiote. It seems that Eddie will now be searching for the new threat, the King in Black. However, his son Dylan believes that Eddie has left the world and is going on his mission. He is now on the run and has bonded with Venom.

The first issue was focused on the Brocks. Venom #2 focuses mainly on Dylan. He’s still grieving his father’s death and avoiding the agents from Carlton Drake or the Life Foundation. The issue also revealed that Senator Krane is supporting the Life Foundation, the same politician who had merged Carnage with Carnage during the recent Extreme Carnage. Dylan, Venom, Sleeper and other criminals are doing everything possible to avoid the authorities. Dylan must still reconcile that Venom saved him and not Eddie. He doesn’t even know that his father is still with us.

It is remarkable to think of a comic that alternates between genres and writers depending on which Brock is featured. The stories will undoubtedly intertwine as the story continues. However, the fans get two Venom stories, which provide a highly emotional story. Eddie will be off-world to give Dylan the time he needs to become his Venom. The same applies to Eddie as the new King of Black.

Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock have become dynamic characters in Marvel Universe. It will be great fun to see their journeys in the same series, which will undoubtedly intersect more and more over time. Let’s hope Dylan rises to the challenge of being his Venom while Eddie searches for the threat to his new throne.


There are not many Marvel Comics characters who can match Venom. This is especially true in his current run. Telepaths are also excluded because his most outstanding defense against psychic attacks is immunity. Venom, currently the King in Black of Marvel continuity, is the ruler of the Symbiote Hive and travels the universe looking after anyone or everything that poses a threat to the collective. Venom was an Earthbound antihero that no one wanted to touch, even years before channeling his inner Knull. The X-Men met the Lethal Protector once, which gave fans a glimpse into Venom’s most powerful telepathic defense.

In Venom & X-Men: Poison-X, Cullen Bunn by Edgar Salazar and Jacopo Camagni and Will Robson, Cyclops was attacked by a gang of symbiote-powered assailants. His space pirate crew, the Starjammers, were being attacked. Cyclops and his X-Men set out to find Venom, hoping that the Lethal Protector would assist them in their upcoming battle. Jean Grey attempts to enter Venom’s mind during their first encounter. However, it doesn’t work out the way the X-Men member expected.

Jean Grey, an antihero, instantly felt Jean Grey’s telepathic presence while trying to peer into Venom’s mind. Venom could not feel the mental intrusion and told Jean that it was futile to try to get into his head as his head contained Eddie Brock, the Venom Symbiote and a connection with the giant hive. Venom’s mental labyrinth makes him immune from psychic attacks. This immunity has only grown since his encounter with the X-Men.

Eddie Brock, the new King of Black, is now connected to the Symbiote Hive-mind in the same way he wore Venom. He also controls it. Brock’s mind can be both his and the hive’s. Brock initially struggled with this, but he has become more comfortable with it. Venom’s mind has an incredible mental enhancement that makes it untouchable to any Telepath. It also supports the whole symbiote Highmore substantial way than his initial connection.

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