Massive Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion Coming Next Summer

Today, Nintendo hosted a livestreamed Nintendo Direct presentation to announce upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch. PlatinumGames presented the first gameplay trailer for Bayonetta 3 and Nintendo announced that N64 games would soon be available on the Switch Online. Capcom even teased a new expansion for Monster Hunter Rise in their action-RPG series.

Monster Hunter Rise was released for Switch in 2022 to rave reviews. Capcomn has been continuously updating the game with new quests and other things. The new paid expansion Sunbreak will add even more content for hunters.

The reveal trailer for Monster Hunter Rise was short and didn’t show much gameplay. However, it did showcase one new location that players will be able to visit as well as a frightening new monster that will cause trouble for hunters. Capcom has yet to reveal details about the beast but promises more information on it and other details in the near future.

Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion will not only add a few new weapons and monsters, but also a whole host of new characters. Capcom confirmed that the content would include a brand new storyline, new gameplay elements and new locations, as well as a new quest rank. There are already over 100 hours of content in the original game, so it is possible that this expansion will add another 100.

Capcom should add more Monster Hunter Rise content after selling almost 10 million copies. There will be more sales when the new expansion launches on Switch and PC simultaneously. Monster Hunter Rise is already a contender for the GOTY award in 2021. Sunbreak could be one of the most popular DLCs in 2022.

The next year looks promising for Nintendo Switch owners with Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3 and the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 all set to release in 2022.


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