Phil Spencer claims that Microsoft hasn’t yet bought all of the game studios.

Spencer stated that he was proud of “some of the creators who have chosen to be part of Xbox” during the Wall Street Journal Tech Live, which was transcribed and transcribed by VGC. He explained that many of Xbox’s acquisitions were studios with which it has “long-term relationships.”

Spencer said, “We provide some financial stability for them.” It’s more than just about their next game. I want them to have more creativity and more extended deadlines to be their best.

Spencer reiterated that Xbox Game Studios would be open to considering bringing other studios onto the fold if they feel it’s a good fit.

He said, “We’re always looking for people we think would make a good match or teams that will match our strategy.” “So we’re not done.

“There’s no quota. No timeline dictates when I must acquire studios. However, if we find studios where we are a good match, we share our goals and theirs. If we feel we can get better together, then absolutely.

Xbox Game Studios houses 23 studios. Last year, the ZeniMax Media acquisition significantly increased its numbers, with Microsoft buying the likes of Arkane, id Software, and Bethesda Game Studios. Microsoft claims it will preserve each studio’s uniqueness, as Spencer started during Tech Live.

“There are excellent teams out there, and I want to listen to them and get the signal on what they are seeing and what they are trying to create. Then challenge ourselves as a platform to build the best platform possible for them so that they feel they can do their best work.

“That’s an ongoing journey. It’s not about reaching a destination. It’s a journey. It’s a journey that will last years. But we want to see them become the best version possible of themselves. You know, not all are getting that Xbox stamp. It’s okay if they don’t want it. It’s great to keep them independent.

Psychonauts 2 by Double Fine is a recent release from a Microsoft studio. Based on the 89% review and other praise, it’s hard to believe that Microsoft’s acquisition and subsequent studio delays were the worst. Although Deathloop from Arkane received positive reviews, it was already well into production when Microsoft acquired Zenimax.

Bethesda Game Studios is set to release Starfield next year. This will be its first major single-player RPG since Fallout 4. Obsidian is another recent Microsoft acquisition. We recently learned some details about it.

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