Mondstadt, the first major city of Genshin Impact, is where you will find most of the game’s content. You’ll find tons of characters there, complete quests, and spend a lot of time here. Genshin is Whiterun’s equivalent. It was only a matter of time before Minecrafters became interested in a place like this.

Marvin Schmidt led a German group called Skyblock Squad that spent five months creating Mondstadt in Minecraft. Because Minecraft’s limitations in adding detail, especially interior detail, meant that the team had to use a 1:1.15 scale, I said almost. This allowed the group to build the city with the most important buildings with Genshin-accurate insides.

This timelapse video shows most of the city. It’s a stunning building.

Skyblock Squad describes the task as “Reconstructing a whole city from another game is quite a challenge because you have to take measurements and get it the right scale so that it looks right in Minecraft.” The city is slightly larger than the 1:1 scale because Minecraft has limited options for adding detail to your Builds. Marvin began planning in August, and it took us five months to complete.

This is not the only Genshin Minecraft building. Last month, Albedo’s camp was built. Although it doesn’t appear that anyone has yet to build Tevyat (including MiHoYo), this is a good start. Planet Minecraft has the build available for you to grab.–generator–generator

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