Minecraft Developer Mojang Sharing Interesting Game Concept Art

It’s a great time to be a Minecraft enthusiast. Minecraft is not only in the Caves & Cliffs update which was the most exciting update in Minecraft’s history, but Minecraft Dungeons has also expanded the franchise in a manner that sets a new standard. This has opened the door to new Minecraft games that experiment with completely different genres and ideas. Mojang shared some great pieces of concept art on social media, so it’s not surprising that Minecraft fans are having a wild imagination.
You can find a lot of Minecraft-related art on the official Minecraft Instagram page. The majority of the art is taken from Minecraft, but it has been edited to make it look more cinematic. There’s a second style of Minecraft art that is often shared. It is pixel art in an isometric or 2D style that looks like it has been taken from several different games. Although there is no evidence that Mojang plans to create such games, Minecraft enthusiasts are starting to wonder if there might be more to the art.

Even casual Minecraft fans should recognize one of the frequently posted styles. This 2D art style has been used to create some animated characters at MineCon Live. This style is reminiscent of a Super Mario World version of Minecraft.

Another style of art has been posted that shows a more retro version. It is more similar to Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins or the original Super Mario Bros. This is most similar to Terraria and Starbound in terms of style.

Mojang has not yet announced any of these games, and there is no indication that a 2D Minecraft will be in development. There are other types of art that can be uploaded to the Minecraft Instagram account, such as a Pokemon-style Minecraft or a top down RPG. That top-down RPG art was shared prior to the announcement of Minecraft Dungeons. But that’s not important.

Mojang hasn’t yet developed a Terraria-type Minecraft title, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other Minecraft projects. A leak that was released over the last week suggests Mojang is working on two new Minecraft games. These are not related to Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft Dungeons, but they do have a Minecraft-based foundation. To find out what Mojang may have in store, fans will have to wait.


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