Minecraft Player Uses Potion & Elytra To Jump Higher Than Ever

One Minecraftplayer was a genius and discovered a way of jumping higher than ever before. He used a potion to leap, as well as an Elytra. Mojang’s 3D Voxel Sandbox is more than the seemingly endless world generation. Fans continue to discover new secrets to Minecraft even more than a decade later. There have been constant updates, such as the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update, adding more content to the game. But even the updates from the past still contain undiscovered features that are waiting to be discovered.

One feature, the Elytra, was launched in 2015 and still gives Minecraft players many new ways to play. This unique gear is found in end ships and gives players the ability to fly. These rare wings enable players to glide across the map, providing an escape from dangerous heights and a fun way for them to explore nearby terrain. Some players discover ways to use Elytra in unexpected ways. One Minecraftplayer built a TIE Fighter with Elytra without the need for the Star Wars resources pack. Another player discovered a different trick. Players can take passengers along with them when they combine Elytra and leashes, pigs, and saddles. Now, there is a new way to use Elytra.

Reddit user Bluekoma used an Elytra and a potion to slow fall to leap higher than ever in Minecraft. Bluekoma drank a potion that slow fell and jumped seven blocks. Bluekoma practiced a few times using the height of the seven-foot block and eventually added a dirt block. This allowed them to leap eight blocks in one bound. Bluekoma accidentally discovered how to jump higher Minecraft while gliding using only the Leaping II or Slow Falling status effects.

Bluekoma used the status effect of slow falling in Minecraft to become almost weightless. The new skill was combined with an Elytra to allow her to glide up to eight blocks. Minecraft players can only jump one block, but some items in-game like the slime blocks or Jump Boost II potions increase a player’s vertical slightly. The potion of slow fall and Elytra method allows for the highest possible jump without mods. It can take you to eight blocks. This method can achieve new heights without the need to use ladders or other blocks.

In 2018, the Update Aquatic added the Potion of Slow Falling to Minecraft. The jumping tactic dramatically increases jump height in Minecraft. It took players more than three years to master it. It is safe to assume that will expand the possibilities of Minecraft as soon as Mojang releases Caves & Cliffs 2.

Hasbro has just announced a new line of MinecraftNERF guns. This brings to life the Stormlander weapon and the pillager’s crossbow from Minecraft Dungeons HTML3. Minecraft is still very popular despite its ten-decade-long existence. Minecraft players continue occupying the world and letting their imaginations run wild with new, exciting builds appearing all the time. Mojang’s sandbox is likely to attract a wider audience with Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update release soon. The IP’s plans don’t stop in the virtual realm. New partnerships are making it real.

The NERF brand has collaborated with many IPs to bring virtual weapons to the real world. NERF has released a range of Fortnitenerf weapons, including the Heavy Sniper Rifle, B-AR, and the Pump Shotgun. For fans of Blizzard’s competitive FPS, the brand released the NERF OverwatchReaper blaster and the OverwatchSoldier 76 Nerf Rival Blaster. The company also sells the NERF-equipped Halo Needler, which will be released in the U.S. in 2013. Last year, Hasbro also released a NERF assault rifle from HaloInfinite, which included a DLC code. Hasbro has partnered with another video game IP to bring the 2D virtual world to life.

The block-breaking Pillager’s Crossbow and Minecraft DungeonsStormlander weapons are now possible thanks to the partnership between Hasbro and Minecraft. Walmart now offers the all-new Minecraftnerf guns for purchase starting today, November 22; Hasbro has also revealed a new line of Nerf MicroShots featuring the Minecraft Ender Dragon and Minecraft Ghast mobs. Pre-orders are possible on the Walmart website for the MicroShots line. Adam Kleinman, General Manager of NERF, stated that Minecraftcollaboration with Hasbro was exciting and will be available for purchase worldwide.

Its line of MinecraftNERF weapons is interesting, just like Hasbro’s Fortnite Nerf guns. The Pillager’s Crossbow, a standard ranged weapon in Minecraft, is used by the deadly Pillager mobs. The crossbow can be obtained by defeating Pillagers. However, the mob poses a challenge. Minecraft Dungeons The Stormlander weapon, which gives you the ability to shoot lightning bolts at your opponents, is a unique item obtained in the top-down Minecraft dungeon crawler. The Stormlander, based upon the great Thor, gives you a huge advantage over other mobs. These weapons can be used as NERF blasters or as NERF micro shots. They feature some of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft.

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