Hangar, a modder, has created a SkyrimVR brain-powered mob. It uses a brain-computer interface. To use the mod, you will need a Muse meditation device with a dongle. It can measure brain activity, heart rate, and breathing. It measures your concentration level so the higher your Magicka bars rise, the more focused you are. Double damage will be done to foes if you can concentrate enough to fill up the bar. In short, your focus level determines your damage output. Although the mod is still in its early alpha stage, it is fully playable.

The Skyrim VR brain-powered mod provides visual feedback to players beyond the Magicka bar. As your focus decreases, the spell effect in your hand will shrink. The hangar would like players to test the mod to collect more data. These data will be used to improve the mod and help him polish it. A video of him showing the mod in action has been posted.

Cancer was a part of the Skyrim VR brain-powered mod development, but he is also an expert. He is a neuroscientist at Technische Universitat Berlin. This mod was created by Cangar’s love for SkyrimVR and his fascination with the human mind. The hangar is also a SkyrimVR YouTuber. You can learn more about the mod on their website.

Skyrim just celebrated its tenth anniversary via live streaming and concert.


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