Monster Hunter Leak Suggests New Titles Revealed At The Game Awards

According to a Nintendo insider, Monster Hunter will be revealed at the Game Awards. The series’ latest entry, Monster Hunter Rise, has been a huge success, but it is still unclear what game will be released after Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise will release an expansion this summer called Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The paid expansion will be similar to Monster Hunter World in that it will introduce new quest ranks, equipment, monsters, and many other features. The Monster Hunter expansion is still unknown. However, the trailer showed a new location and the flagship elder dragon Malzeno. More information about the expansion’s contents will likely be revealed in the future.

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Samus Hunter, a well-known leaker (via, claims that several Monster Hunter reveals were moved to this year’s Game Awards. Samus Hunter didn’t elaborate on the details of those reveals, including whether they had to do with a new title or more information about Monster Hunter Rise. They mentioned that Splatoon3 needs more updates and that December will feature an Indie World showcase by Nintendo.

There are many possibilities for what type of Monster Hunter reveals Game Awards might see. There are many possibilities. One is the possibility of future cross-series quests, such as the Sonic the Hedgehog collaborative quest. It is possible to release a new game in this series. Still, it could also be the stream that will reveal additional information about Monster Hunter Rise, including new or returning monsters. Already, the crab-like monster Shogun Ceanataur has been shown at TGS 2021.

There has been much debate about whether the next Monster Hunter title will be available on Playstation or Nintendo systems. Both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World were among Capcom’s most-sold titles on their respective systems. The next Monster Hunter game could swing in either direction. Monster Hunter World remains Capcom’s most popular game, with 17.5 million sold. The potential sequel to Monster Hunter World will likely sell as many, if not more. This should not be taken as a rumor. However, Monster Hunter will likely sell just as much, if not more. Fans should tune in to the Game Awards for any new information.

Monster Hunter Rise has only been available for a year, but it is selling well considering that it is only available on one platform. It comes after Monster Hunter World’s huge success in 2018, which helped break the franchise into the mainstream.

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Rises is currently the most accessible title in the series. Sunbreak will be an Iceborne-like expansion. The DLC adds new quests, monsters, and more to the game’s PC port. The base game for Switch has received an impressive amount of challenging Event/Challenge Quests via free updates.

Scorching Showdown


The Monster Hunter World Iceborneexpansion introduced Teostra to Event Quests. One of the first free updates for Rising brought him onto the Switch. The “Emperor of Flame” was one of the franchise’s most iconic Elder Dragons. It dates back to Monster Hunter 2 for the PS2. Scorching Showdown requires players to hunt one on the Sandy Plains. They must be at High-Rank 8 or higher to do so.

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