Naraka: Bladepoint Announces Bruce Lee Collaboration & Free Weekend

Bladepoint’s Naraka announces a collaboration with Bruce Lee just in time for the Free Weekend event that begins December 17.

Bruce Lee, the legendary Bruce Lee, has been involved in video games almost as long as the medium has existed. He will be visiting Naraka Bladepoint to participate in this weekend’s promotional event. Naraka Bladepoint puts a greater emphasis on melee combat than other multiplayer battle royale games. Up to 60 players can fight it with weapons and a parkour-style traversal method. Special abilities are also available from seven customizable Bladepoint characters. The game was launched in August by developer 24 Entertainment. It will host the first-ever Naraka Bladepoint World Championship eSports event sometime next year.

Naraka Bladepoint has sold more than six million copies worldwide as of last month. This makes it one of China’s most popular PC games. 24 Entertainment has begun to expand Bladepoint’s roster with new characters in September. They also introduced a Koi Bonanza event and a reputation system that punishes those who rage quit. Naraka has also seen many crossovers with other media such as Yoto Hime, the sword spirit from Onmyouji, being added as a preorder bonus character and a 1v1 mode inspired by the classic Jean-Claude Van Damme film Bloodsport being added to the game last October.

It turns out that Naraka will not be the last time Naraka appears in Bladepoint. Bladepoint draws inspiration from classic martial arts cinema as reports. 24 Entertainment announced that a new set of DLC content inspired by Bruce Lee would be available beginning December 14. The new DLC content will include alternate characters skins based on Lee and Lee’s famous nunchucks as a weapon. Yesterday’s Bruce Lee X Naraka Bladepoint Official collaboration Cinematic trailer shows a CG Lee walking through a desert landscape, showing off some of his most famous fighting moves.

24 Entertainment will also be hosting a free weekend of Naraka: Bladepoint starting December 17 and continuing until December 21. The event will give players the chance to play the game for free. Everyone will be sorted by skill level into lobbies to avoid newcomers being outpowered by veterans. 24 Entertainment also announced additional crossover events, including Viper Ning appearing in Fall Guys, Shadow Warrior 3’s Shuriken Spotter weapon, and Naraka: Bladepoint.

Bruce Lee has been an inspiration to many fighting games characters over the years, such as Street FightersFei Lang, Tekken’sMarshall Law and even Mortal Kombatprotagonist Liu Kang – and this trend is set to continue with Naraka. Bladepoint’supcoming batch Lee-inspired DLC. This weekend’s Bladepoint event will offer players the opportunity to test these Dragon-themed weapons and character skins. It starts on Friday, December 17.

Naka: Bladepoint from 24 Entertainment is an action-adventure battle, Royal. This game is a unique take on the royal battle format, but it focuses more on martial arts combat than traditional shooters such as Apex Legends. Naraka is similar to Apex but emphasizes fluid movement and verticality. Players are given a grappling hook to navigate around the map. While ranged weaponry is not the game’s main focus, it is present. Naraka mastering this weapon and other melee weapons makes it not as simple as you think.

Each game will offer players the chance to earn emblems to show off their skills. These emblems can reward players for reaching specific goals in the game. These emblems can be obtained in various ways, from simple to complicated to just plain luck. The requirements for an emblem must be met in one match. Some requirements can only be fulfilled in a single match, while others require a trio.

The Naraka Bladepoint is where players will play their first matches. These matches will be mostly against bots. The developers have defended this practice, who claim it helps new players get into the game. It requires a lot of skill. These initial matches can be used to your advantage, for better or worse. Players can maximize their experience and try to obtain the more difficult emblems.

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