Netflix Orders Last Remaining Blockbuster Sitcom Starring Randall Park

Netflix ordered a new sitcom to be set about the Blockbuster Video Store. The show will feature WandaVision’s Randall Park. Blockbuster was once a popular video and DVD rental shop. It opened its doors in 1985. The store grew steadily through the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2004, the business had more than 9,000 locations and 85,000 employees.

Blockbuster filed bankruptcy protection in 2010 due to increasing competition from companies such as Netflix and Redbox, which were both mail-order DVD businesses. Most Blockbuster stores closed in 2014 after years of financial difficulties. Only a handful of privately-owned franchises were left in different locations around the globe. Only one Blockbuster location remains. Netflix produced a documentary in 2020 about the store in Bend, Oregon.

Deadline has reported that Netflix is developing a new series about the last Blockbuster store. The series will focus on a close-knit team of employees at the last Blockbuster Video store in the world. The series, Blockbuster has been ordered for a series of 10 episodes. It will star Randall Park. Randall Park is best-known for The Interview and Always Be My Maybe. According to reports, the series will explore how Blockbuster’s last employees kept their small business afloat despite all odds.

Vanessa Ramos created the single-camera project for NBC. She has worked previously on hits sit-coms SuperstoreBrooklyn Nine Nine. Jackie Clarke and David Caspe, who previously worked on Superstore as well as Happy Endings are serving as executive producers and writers on the show. John Davis and John Fox will also be executive producing the show for Davis Entertainment. Although no other actors have yet been announced, the show will feature authentic Blockbuster logos and uniforms. Tracey Pakosta (Netflix’s Head of Comedy) said that the series will focus on the ” story about a group of dedicated co-workers who have a lot to give.”

It is ironic that Netflix, which was once Blockbuster’s largest competitor, has created a series that aims to capitalize on the nostalgia people have for the now-defunct video rentals store. The series has the potential to become a huge success due to its central irony and the casting of Park as a comedian. Blockbuster is a beloved part of the lives of a whole generation. If the series captures the magic of browsing through a Blockbuster store on Friday nights or receiving a Tarantino-loving employee’s recommendation at the front desk, it will be a hit. Park has been confirmed to be the series’ lead. However, the release date of B Lockbuster is still unknown.

While 2021 may not be over, Netflix has many great returning shows that will premiere in 2022. The competition for streaming viewers has been intense over the past few years. It seems like every major media company is trying to grab a piece of the market. They now compete with HBO Max and Peacock, Disney+ and Paramount+. It’s a very crowded market.

Netflix has remained a top streaming company despite the influx of new competitors. Netflix’s resilience is largely due to its abundance of original programming, particularly its original TV shows. The huge success of the Korean drama SquidGame is a good example.

Netflix seems to always have new original content in its pipeline. 2022 appears to be no exception. Below are the Netflix original series that have been confirmed to return with new seasons in 2022. Many other shows have been technically renewed and could return in 2022. However, they have not yet been officially confirmed. Here are the 2022 Netflix releases.

Stranger Things Season 4

Although Stranger Things season 4 is yet to be released, Netflix promised that the biggest hit would return in 2022. Most Netflix subscribers are tired of waiting Stranger Things season 4. It has been more than two years since season 3. And it may be well past the three-year mark when season 4 premieres. However, they are still excited for Stranger Things‘ newest chapter. This will be set in the Indiana town of Hawkins and follow the revelation that Jim Hopper, a former lawman, is alive and well. Although the overall opinion about Stranger Things has gotten more divided since its highly acclaimed debut season, millions will no doubt tune in to season 4, which could drive Netflix to a new viewing record.

The Crown Season 5


The crown is a historical drama that chronicles the long and ongoing reign as England’s monarch. It has been a huge hit for Netflix. Every season focuses on a different time in the lives of the royals. Not surprisingly, many cast members have changed over the years. Although some of the cast members have left, there has been a lot of praise for their replacements. Season 4 of The Crown focused on things such as Margaret Thatcher’s reign as prime minister and Prince Charles’ turbulent marriage to Princess Diana. Netflix has confirmed that Season 5 will be available in November 2022. Season 5 is yet to have a premiere date. The sixth and final season have already been ordered.

Season 4 of Ozark


The dark crime thriller Ozark has been a huge success with critics and earned 32 Emmy nominations ahead of Ozark season 4. While Netflix subscribers were slower to take to the service, Ozark now has a loyal following who are eager to see the end of the Byrde family’s story. Ozark‘s leads Jason Bateman (and Laura Linney) are doing a great job on screen. This is far from Bateman’s comedic projects. Ozark season 4, like Stranger Things has no set release date. However, the show will be released in two parts throughout 2022.

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