New Blood Retcons Dexter’s Bay Harbor Butcher Drug

The Bay Harbor Butcher needed to change his M.O. To fit his new life in Iron Lake, had to adjust his M.O. Dexter Morgan remained true to his M.O., even as he carried out his vigilante serial killer acts in Miami. Dexter Morgan wore his green long-sleeve shirt and drugged his victims with M99. He also made a “Kill Room” with a table, plastic tarp and taped them down. Then he dismembered them. Dexter has changed his M.O. to include a new environment that allows him to use M99 to drug his victims. However, New Blood episode 8 shows that Dexter’s “new” drug, Ketamine isn’t new.

Surprisingly, despite being a sequel series set a decade after the original, Dexter. New Blood has yet not to retcon any important details about Dexter’s life in Miami. New Blood is faithful to the original series, even with appearances by John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer or Angel Batista. New Blood continues the story and answers long-standing Bay Harbor Butcher questions from Dexter’s season 8 finale. For example, Miami Metro never found Dexter to have been the true culprit. Police believe that James Doakes was Bay Harbor Butcher. There is plenty of online content summarizing his killings and his M.O.

One of Dexter’s original M.O. is revealed as Angela conducts online research on the killer in Dexter. New Blood episode 8. The series has changed, regardless of whether it is a retcon in police reports. Dexter was suspected of injecting criminals from Iron Lake with Ketamine. She searched “Ketamine Miami Homicide” in Google. The search results stated,” [Doakes] victims were… made unconscious with Ketamine injected through their neck.” This is incorrect as Dexter frequently mentioned using M99/Etorphine to subdue his victims. Ketamine, which is a powerful drug that is used primarily for anesthesia in humans, is not synonymous with Etorphine, which is only legal for veterinary use.

This seems odd for Dexter. New Blood to include in the Bay Harbor Butcher’s M.O. Dexter has previously mentioned finding different ways to obtain drugs after losing access to a police station. He explains in Dexter Season 1 that he obtained his M99 from DEA using the false alias “Patrick Bateman M.D.,” a smart reference to American Psycho. Dexter could not access these databases in New Blood’s reboot series, so he went to his vet to request Ketamine for his goat. He used it on Miles and Jasper. This adaptive change is not a retcon from Dexter’s original M.O. However, the Google search results for Episode 8 that claim Dexter used Ketamine in Miami back in Miami are certainly not.

This error in New Blood’s search engine could be due to a mistake made in Miami Metro’s police files. It is not surprising considering Dexter’s former colleagues’ sloppy formal police work. However, coroners can sometimes confuse Ketamine with M99 in autopsies. It’s possible that Dexter’s original serial killer mistakenly attributed the drug in their system to Ketamine rather than Etorphine. Dexter – New Blood does not seem like the series that would retcon so many details in the Bay Harbor Butcher’s M.O. It’s also possible that Dexter was mistaken in these reports. This small error, however, conveniently led Dexter to the killer.

The Dexter: New Blood Episode 7 fills in the missing scene with the Trinity Killer’s appearance and makes Rita’s final moments much darker. Dexter’s Trinity Killer (aka Arthur Mitchell) was season 4’s main villain. He had evaded authorities for more than 30 years. He lived in Miami with his wife and two children. While Trinity was on his Four Walls charity building trips, Trinity allowed his Dark Passenger to feed its cravings. There, he took four victims in his ritual. Arthur would first kill a young woman with a straight-blade razor. He would then force the mother of his two children to commit suicide. Next, he would bludgeon a father of two to death and then murder a 10-year old boy. Although Arthur continued his murder spree for over 30 years, he made certain his last victim would be Rita, Dexter’s wife, and Harrison’s mother.

Trinity learned that Kyle Butler was Dexter Morgan in the finale episode of Dexter season 4. Dexter tried to stop the ritual, but he and Dexter fought; Arthur decided to save one more life. Dexter discovers Trinity trying to flee town and kills him. But he returns home to find Rita dead in her bathtub, with Harrison still crying in the pool of Rita’s blood. Rita’s death was a tragically portrayed murder in Dexter’s original series. However, Rita was not shown. Dexter only found the aftermath.

Dexter had killed the Trinity Killer in season 4, but John Lithgow announced that Arthur Mitchell would be returning for Dexter. New Blood, along with Dexter and Deb. Before Trinity appeared in Harrison’s Flashback in Dexter: New Blood episode 7, his appearance’s circumstances were not known. Harrison recalls when he was” “and tells Dexter that he still remembers Rita’s murder. The flashback shows Harrison’s point-of-view in which Trinity, naked, walks over to comfort Harrison following the brutal murder of his mother in the tub. This scene was very important and was not shown in Dexter’s first series. It was also included in New Blood to provide context for Harrison’s trauma and make Rita’s final days much darker.


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