New Map & Fire Wand In Dying Light Adds With Hellraid Update

Techland’s third content update for Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC has been released. It introduces a whole new map section and a new magic skill that can be unlocked by completing daring quests. Hellraid was initially a Techland IP. It featured a medieval setting, first-person melee combat, and dungeon crawling mechanics similar to other fantasy role-playing games. The title was announced around the same period as Dying Light. It was later canceled and reintroduced five years later as DLC.
The open-world survival game for zombies was a hit at launch, and it became one of the most downloaded games of 2015. Techland, a developer, launched several content packs, content drops and expansions to the game over the years. After the game’s Platinum Edition rerelease earlier this year, Techland will now release Dying Light’s next-generation patch on PlayStation 5/X/S.

Techland today launched its third Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC content update. The update will include a new section of The Mysterious Portal that features a map where players can embark on a challenging quest to unlock a unique weapon and magical skill. You must complete the quest in one playthrough. Upon completion, players will receive the Fire Wand, a fireball-shooting weapon that sets fire to enemies, along with the Wand Mastery skill. Three new potions will give buffs, including reduced enemy damage, 200% melee damage and double movement speed. The content update will include new challenges via portals and a new location called The Armor. This new location will be available once the side quest for imprisonment is complete. The area will let players display their weapons, which they can unlock through the DLC’s ranks.

Techland continues to support the original Dying Light and provide content, but this will soon end. After multiple delays, Dying Light 2, the highly anticipated sequel to survival horror, is due in 2022. The title is ambiguous and will include an expansion of the series’ parkour system, combat, as well as a branch-driven story that will play a significant role in progression.

Dying Light 2 will be out in a few months. Techland is continuing to update the original title by adding new content. Although Hellraid is not a standalone title, it is a critical part of Techland’s history. Techland continues to expand, giving RPG enthusiasts an additional mode to enjoy. Although it is not known if the game will get an expansion, Dying Light’s sequel may see the return of the DLC.

Techland released a Dying 2 Know episode at Dying 2 Know 2021. It teases more about the open world and the massive arsenal of weapons in Dying Light 2’s. This is the third episode in Techland’s ongoing series of dev diary episodes for the sequel. The first was published in May, but it went live a few months ago.

Dying two know Episode 1 outlined Dying Light 2’s branching storyline. Game Designer Michal Dziak explained the three layers on which each player’s choice is based. The City Alignment System, which revolves around specific faction choices, is another layer. Decisions that can impact main story missions and the end are one example. On July 1, the second episode of the web series was live. It featured a five-minute gameplay trailer, which gave a closer look at the creatures that roam the Dying Light world.

Techland launched a third Dying 2 Know segment, offering new details on exploration and weapons. These two pillars were essential to the Dying Light experience. They’ll be equally important in the sequel’s post-apocalyptic world. Kacper Kowalczuk, the Senior Game Programmer, noted that parkour would effortlessly enable players to traverse tall buildings. This opens up the world relatively quickly. Producer Szymon Strauss later revealed that Dying Light 2 would feature “nearly 200 weaponry,” some more essential than others. Fans need not worry, though, as complex tools of destruction such as the semi-automatic Crossbow have been confirmed.

Techland went out of its way to improve upon the 2015 entry’s success. The evidence so far suggests that the team’s efforts will pay off in the end. However, fans won’t be able to confirm this for themselves until later in 2014.

E3 2018 was when the studio revealed its new installment, promising a more extensive experience than its predecessor. Techland delayed the sequel’s launch date of 2020, despite initial plans. Dying Light 2 appears to be on track for the scheduled release date of the year in the end.

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