New Pokémon Sword & Shield Event Involves Shiny Magikarp

The chances of finding Shiny Pokemon have increased with the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield event. It’s not the most sought-after Shiny Pokemon since the Wild Area houses Shiny Magikarp.

It is extremely unlikely that you will catch a Shiny Pokemon. Although there are some ways to increase your chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon, these take a lot of effort. Shiny Charm can increase your chances of getting one. However, the player must complete the Pokedex to get one. It is also a Key Item that cannot be traded between players. The Masuda Method increases the chance of breeding Shiny Pokemon from parents from a different version of the game. The chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon using the Shiny Charm/Masuda Method combined are very low. It requires a lot more repetition from the player.

Pokemon Sword and Shield have held special events that have increased the chance of spawning Shiny Pokemon in Wild Areas, including one with Shiny Wooloo in the Summer. A new Shiny hunt is taking place in the Wild Area. However, it may not be the one players are looking for. Serebii reports a Max Raid Battle in the Wild Area, Pokemon Sword, and Shield. It will last until January 9. This event’s theme is luck. It features Pokemon such as Meowth in Pokemon Dens. Shiny Magikarps are also possible, with a chance of encountering them at 2%. This is much higher than normal.

Shiny Magikarp’s popularity is lower than that of other Shiny Pokemon. This is due to Pokemon Gold and SoulSilver. Johto introduced the only Shiny encounter that was mandatory in mainline games. The player must fight a Shiny Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. A player can also capture the Shiny Gyarados to add them to their team. You can trade Pokemon from Nintendo DS to move Pokemon, so you have less incentive for Shiny Magikarp hunting since Shiny Gyarados are commonplace.

People looking to do a Shiny Living Dex may be interested in a Shiny Magikarp. Even though those games are expensive, it doesn’t matter if people don’t mind grinding the 2% encounter rate.


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