It can be difficult to say goodbye to friends. Here’s a tip: Don’t. You can bring them along instead of leaving them behind even if you play a new game.

The New Vegas Companions mod allows you to transfer some of your best friends (though perhaps not your most beloved companion) from Nevada into Fallout 4. You don’t even have to pick them up at an airport. However, you will need Project Mojave to get them.

Project Mojave is a mod that allows Fallout: New Vegas locations to be used as playable areas. It includes the Vegas Strip, Nipton and the Good Luck Trailer Park. There are also several casino suites. You can also re-recruit old friends if you go to those areas with the New Vegas Companions Mod installed.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy is a brave caravan owner, while Raul Tejada is a gunslinging ghoul mechanic. Veronica Santangelo is Veronica Santangelo, and Arcade Gannon, the reformed Enclave member, are the New Vegas Companion mod’s scribes. You can meet each of them and get a full introduction. They can also be brought to settlements where they will live and work just like regular Fallout 4 friends. Arcade and Rose can be found at the Mojave Post, Raul at Nevada Highway Patrol Station and Veronica at Mojave Drive-In.

Their dialogue files can be downloaded separately from the Nexus mod files. Take a look at Fallout 4’s old friends and grab the dialogue files from the description.

A large number of people who read this will likely be saying, “Yeah, but Boone.” Where is Boone? There’s both good and bad news. Boone is included in the mod. Boone can be found in Nipton in one of the homes (hopefully an upgrade to living in a giant plaster dinosaur). According to the mod’s page, Boone is not a follower because he has difficulty making his dialogue work. You can visit your brooding sniper, but you cannot take him along on your adventures. Alas.

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