Amazon wants to make the endgame more enjoyable in its fantasy MMO New World. A new feature called “expedition Mutators” will allow for greater complexity and difficulty in combat encounters. It will also offer higher rewards, including “new bespoke equipment and resources” for those who are up to it.

Amazon wrote in a blog post that “Mutators alter the familiar by augmenting ‘Normal’ and ‘Named’ Enemies within expeditions, changing how encounters play out, and what strategies players should contemplate before fighting,”

“This system will rotate through an unique combination of Expeditions, Mutations every week with 10 difficulty levels per Expedition Mutation. The goal is to challenge players to climb the ladder and eventually reach the maximum difficulty.

Scores for expeditions will be determined by a combination factors such as total time, enemy kills and player respawns. There are also team wipes and performance-based bonus multipliers. If you do well in a mutated mission, you will be able to advance to the next level of mutator difficulty. This will bring with it better and bigger rewards. It won’t be easy. Amazon warns that the recommended Gear Scores are important for mutated Expeditions. This is because it directly factors in enemy scaling. Higher difficulties are expected to prove extremely challenging.

The New World public realm has launched yesterday, and expedition mutators are now available. The mutator rotation will be run at an accelerated pace during the testing period to facilitate testing and allow players access to multiple mutations in endgame expeditions. One of the three expeditions–Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, or Lazarus Instrumentality–will be mutated every 48 hours. To start, all players will receive a 600 Gear Score loadout. Additionally, a “generous amount of keys to run Expeditions” will be provided. During the last week of testing, PTR players will also be provided with a maximum loadout (Gear Score 625), so that everyone can experience the level 10 difficulty mutations.

Expeditions have been modified to accommodate the mutator changes. Drop rates for named enemies were “significantly increased,” Dynasty Shipyard loot tables have been updated to include T5 gear when it mutated and the number of enemies when players seal the Ancient Azoth Portals within the Ostium in Lazarus Instrumentality has been decreased.

New World has had to deal with numerous bugs and exploits since its launch last year. However, endgame content has also been a problem. Scot Lane, the game director, stated that players need to be driven to all endgame activities in a December 2021 interview. “They are only being driven to a small percentage of our endgame mechanics right now and it is leaving them wanting more.”

Umbral Shards, a new resource in the PTR, allows players to increase their Gear Score from 600 to 625. This is critical “if you want to dive deeper into Mutated Expeditions of higher difficulty or gain an edge in PvP.” The Expertise cap was also increased to 625. You can earn Umbral Shards in three different ways.

  • Completing Mutated Expeditions.
  • When your Expertise is 600, craft a Gear Score 600 item.
  • When your Expertise is at 600, you can open a Gypsum cast.
  • The PTR increases summoning Brutes’ cost, do a few combat-related tweaks and decreases travel costs.

All-New World players can join the PTR. However, you will need to download and install an additional PTR client and create a new character. Live characters are not compatible with the test realm. has all the details about what to expect and how you can get in.–Generator–Hack–hack–Hack–hack

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