After a successful launch, Amazon Games’ New World appears to be in its stride. The odd bot and server issues aside, it looks like it will be a major contender among the larger MMOs for many years. The developer has now announced the New World Public Test Realm.

A PTR is a common feature in MMOs. It allows developers to test new features and gather feedback before they are added to the actual game. The announcement states that “With our internal testing and your feedback, we hope to catch all serious issues before they reach live servers.” “Hundreds of changes were made, and the complete release notes will be available on release day.”

The PTR allows players to level up to specific ranges and give appropriate gear instantly. Anyone who has the game on Steam will be able to access it. The New World Public Test Realm app should be available in every Steam library by today. PTR servers will open today at noon PT (7 PM UTC).

All worlds will be shut down once the test period has ended and the main New World game has been updated with the preview content. The New World PTR Application will remain available in your Steam Library, but no active servers will be accessible until we announce another test.

Okay, so what are you testing? The developer wants to hear feedback about a few additions. A new Legendary Weapon Quest series.

The main storyline quests were modified with “new task types, quest variants, and wave events.”

Three new PVP Faction Mission types are available: Intercept, Control Points and Intercept. These allow you to beat up your enemies and “collect their tears.” War Camp loot is where you need to steal plans from enemy camps. The ‘poach” missions were also removed. This probably refers to some of the PVP-based bs gathering missions. War Camp loot, where you have to steal plans from an enemy camp.

It’s finally good news for economists. All Trading Posts are linked and now united! The same results can be bought and sold from any Trading Post around the globe. The Settlement from which you are posting your Buy and Sell Orders determines the fees. Transaction taxes on purchases that you make are also determined by the Settlement from which you made them. The Settlement from which the items are listed in Sell Orders will return them to their original posting.

Amazon Games does not give a timeline for when PTR features will be added to the game. However, they emphasize that the game is considered “complete” and is in its final bug fixing and testing phase. Last week’s update for New World focused on gold sellers.

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