Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis Switch Controllers Revealed

Nintendo Switch Online now supports the Nintendo 64 and, surprisingly, the Sega Genesis. These classic games can also be played with special Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis Switch controllers.

Nintendo Switch Online received mixed reviews since its launch shortly after the Switch was launched. Although it’s nice to get a variety of NES and SNES games with your online membership, this was Nintendo’s replacement for the Virtual Console. Fans believed that if Nintendo wasn’t going to remove its Nintendo 64, Gameboy and Nintendo DS games from the shop, then it should make more available through Nintendo Switch Online. It seems that fans were heard as Nintendo has brought Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games to Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo has announced that Switch versions of the classic console controllers, including Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games, will be made available online through Nintendo Switch Online. These controllers work in the same way as the Nintendo Switch Online NES or SNES controllers and look identical to the Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 controllers of the 90s. However, they have the modern capabilities of a modern controller. These controllers can be used on other consoles, unlike the originals. They are likely to be registered as Pro controllers.

It appears that these controllers are going to be distributed exclusively by Nintendo. During the Direct, the statement “Available to Nintendo Switch Online Members” is displayed across the top of screen. The bottom of the screen has text that explains that controllers can only be purchased with a paid Nintendo Switch Online account. Although it is not yet known when the controllers will launch, each one is $49.99.

This cool offer by Nintendo is sure to bring back the retro feel while still playing retro games. The best part about this is that Sega Genesis games will now be available through a Nintendo subscription. A genuine Nintendo-based Genesis controller can also be purchased. Sega may have won the console wars, since Nintendo now makes products from Sega history.

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