Nintendo Game Boy Color Accessory Would Have Added Internet & Email

The Game Boy Color accessory, which was recently discovered and eventually discarded, would have provided wireless functions such as internet, email, photo messaging, and other features to the gaming console. Nintendo’s revolutionary handheld Game Boy or Game Boy Color was released in the 1980s and 90s. Their lower prices and longer battery life are partly responsible for this. After being kept secret for over two decades, this revolutionary spirit was expanded to include addons to the devices.

Source Research and Development developed a Game Boy addon called WorkBoy in the 1990s. Source Research and Development created the multifunctional keyboard add-on to Nintendo’s Game Boy. It was intended to be a personal digital assistant for the console. Although prototypes of the WorkBoy were made, the device was not released to the public. This was because it was too risky to invest in after it was revealed that Nintendo had plans to lower the price of the Game Boy console. Nintendo’s WorkBoy Add-on was eventually scrapped in 1993. The idea was so appealing to Eddie Gill that he created his Game Boy addon based on the WorkBoy.

YouTuber DidYouKnowGaming posted a new video that explains the fascinating history of the PageBoy Game Boy Color addon. Gill created plans for a Game Boy Color Add-on based on the idea of communication. The addon allowed Game Boy users wireless access to web browsing, email, and photo messaging. These applications were accessed via radio waves using similar frequencies to two-way pagers. This similarity led to the name PageBoy for the addon. In 1999, Wizard, the creator of the PageBoy, presented the idea to Nintendo. Because the addon was compatible with the Game Boy Color cartridge slot, the PageBoy enabled users to play Game Boy Color games. Although two-way messaging was its main function, it also offered weather information and an early version of Nintendo Direct called Game Boy Live TV. The PageBoy needed only two AA batteries and even had its memory.

Minoru Arakawa was the founder and president of Nintendo of America. He expressed an immediate interest in the PageBoy and authorized an internal investigation by Nintendo to determine how the product could be brought to market. The PageBoy was made by Wizard and became an internal first-party addon to the Game Boy line. PageBoy’s potential to be a product for international gamers passionate about the Game Boy Color initially attracted Nintendo. It was eventually realized that its technical potential was not as strong as initially believed. The PageBoy was only available to North America because there weren’t any cost-effective duplex wireless networks that covered Europe and Japan in the late 1990s and early2000s. This was against Nintendo’s core appeal: the device should be available to everyone. PageBoy couldn’t achieve the huge community connection Wizard or Nintendo had in mind because of market restrictions. In 2002, the PageBoy was put on hold.

Although Nintendo eventually abandoned pageBoy, many of its ideas were later integrated into other devices over the years. The Wii had news and weather channels. Even the PageBoy slogan “Anytime, anywhere” was modified for the Nintendo Switch. Even though the PageBoy was not intended, Nintendo enthusiasts can still appreciate this obscureaddonn.

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