Destiny 2’s 2019 best game, Untitled Goose Game, has introduced a new mask. It’s a nod towards the horrifyingly honky mask.
Destiny 2 introduced the “Honk Moon Mask” as part of the Festival of the Lost Halloween event. The mask is a low-poly, orb that looks less like a goose than Majora’s Mask. The “beak” looks more like the end of a hellish vuvuzela.

How can you obtain this evil? Festival of the Lost allows Destiny 2 players to don a Halloween mask and earn “Spectral pages” through Strikes, Crucible matches. Gambit matches. Seasonal activities. You can transform Spectral Pages you have collected by completing Haunted Lost Sector missions. Certain locations will allow you to summon a Headless One. Once defeated, a Headless One, a mini-boss, can transform a Spectral Page into a Manifested Page. This last bit of loot can be used to exchange for Festival rewards such as the Honk Moon Mask. Although it is a tedious process, I am sure you will feel great when you are honking around in the new outfit.

You can also learn how to enter the Haunted Lost sectors missions to earn a new pulse gun, or how to begin the Festival of the Lost. This godforsaken spider bot was also introduced at the event.

Untitled Goose Game, for those who don’t know, puts you in the shoes of a little goose living in the English suburbs. He loves to steal items, honk incessantly, and sometimes lock people in their garages. At the 23rd annual DICE Awards, it was named Game of the Year.

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