Original Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Coming to Switch in November

Few games have received the same lasting acclaim as this. Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic a great experience. The foundation for the Mass Effect franchise, BioWare’s take Star Wars While the game is memorable for many reasons it is also remembered by fans most fondly for its story, which has been a constant in the universe of the franchise. This story is now coming to the Switch.

Today’s huge Nintendo Direct was the moment when Nintendo announced that Knights of the Old Republic will be coming to the hybrid console in the latter part of the year. The port was released on November 11th. It may be the easiest way to play the game on the go without having to use the sometimes frustrating touch controls of the mobile ports feature. It is expected that the port will not add any new features.

This is the classic version of the game and not the Knights of the Old Republic remake, which Aspyr is currently developing. The remake will only be available for PlayStation. No other platforms have been announced. It’s possible that the game will eventually make its way to Xbox, PC and Mac. However, it could be ported to Switch depending on how technical it is. This KOTOR classic port is a positive sign for the future.

Knights of the Old Republic is not the first Star Wars classic game to be brought to the Switch. For the past year, there has been a lot of focus on bringing older Star Wars titles to the Switch, with Jedi Outcast, and pod Racer all coming to the system. KOTOR is on the way and most of the obvious gaps are filled.

The most notable omission and one that would have been a great match for this announcement is Knights of the Old Republic2, the much-overlooked sequel from Obsidian Entertainment. Although the game didn’t have the same impact as its predecessor, it did improve on the original in some interesting ways. The Nintendo Direct did not announce a port, but Knights of the Old Republic may be able to make the sequel.

It’s a great time to be a Star Wars Fan. Fans can take in new content such as Star Wars Visions, and old content. There’s Star Wars content available for almost every medium, thanks to the fact that Disney has made a lot of investments in High Republic.


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