After several small patches in September, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous just released version 1.1. This update includes improved mount combat in turn-based mode and visuals in many locations. There are also fixes for reactive to choices such as “some NPCs appearing where it should not be”, and better visuals and descriptions for some NPCs. Changes to crusade management include the ability to manage armies from within the throne area instead of walking out of the city like a chump.

It’s a 14.2GB update on Steam. Other players report that it’s even larger for them. So obviously, quite a bit is included. I popped in to take a look. I noticed that units in my crusade looked different. This makes them easier to distinguish at a glance. I also noticed that scrolls in my inventory have quill icons, which are able to learn spells. These are just a few of my favourite patch notes.

After sex, Darian loved to lie on your bed. He’ll now be able to lie down in a more comfortable place.

Primal Treant would often say the lines of your friends, even if they weren’t in the group. This was very creepy and was fixed

After Commander has taken a bath, candles no longer float in the air.

Excessive minotaurs removed from Colyphyr Mines

Venture-Captain Gristoff could become agitated during the Fleshmarkets Battle and begin killing demons that were critical to the plot. This issue has been fixed, but it cannot be applied retroactively. You will need to load an older save if you have already experienced this problem.

Sometimes Commander had to go to Greengates with Arueshalae for the quest Demon’s Heresy. The location was not there – it was fixed. All the demons were brought back

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