Peacemaker BTS Images Show Cast Filming the DC Series’ Intro Dance

James Gunn brightens everyone’s Sunday by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of Peacemaker’s opening credit dance number. The DCEU’s latest project is now available, but it’s not a movie. Peacemaker, the anticipated spin-off of Gunn’s Suicide Squad, follows John Cena’s antihero from the film. Gunn wrote, directed, and created episodes for the series. It explores Peacemaker’s life after Suicide Squad. Peacemaker, who has since recovered from near-fatal injuries, is joining another team to save the world.

Although HBO Max released only three episodes, there is plenty of other content for fans to enjoy. Its obvious Peacemaker has a lot more to offer than a superhero show. The show’s opening credits are hilarious, with the cast performing a choreographed dance routine to Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It.” Peacemaker was so famous that HBO Max made its video.

After many fans were able to see Peacemaker’s opening, Gunn gave everyone a glimpse behind the scenes of how it came together. Gunn shared two BTS photos on social media to give fans a look at the incredible dance scene. He reminded everyone that #Peacemaker is available on @hbomax today! Below is his post.

Given how Peacemaker is a brutal killer, it’s not surprising that his solo series would open with a lighthearted dance number. That’s the beauty of Peacemaker. It shows unexpected layers to its morally gray lead character. Gunn’s opening credits are so reminiscent of Gunn’s style that fans cannot help but admire them. It’s yet another proof that Gunn’s creativity shines even though Peacemaker takes place in the DCEU’s heavily controlled world.

Although the opening dance may be the last routine viewers can expect from Peacemaker’s inaugural season, Gunn still believes he will make season 2. While no one knows exactly what that means, Peacemaker has just begun. Gunn suggested that episode 8 contains big surprises that very few people are aware of. This means that fans should stay with the show until the end to enjoy the whole experience. If the opening credits show, Peacemaker is not a show many people will predict.


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