Peacemaker’s Berenstain Bear Joke Was Based on James Gunn’s Own Mistake


The Peacemaker gag that revolved around The Berenstain bears was inspired by James Gunn’s mistake about the title of the children’s book series. After the Guardians of the Galaxy director’s debut in the DCEU last summer with The Suicide Squad, Gunn’s Peacemaker premiered its first three episodes recently on HBO Max. The spin-off series follows John Cena’s Christopher Smith/Peacemaker, as he joins Amanda Waller’s (Viola Davis), ARGUS to save the world through Operation: Butterfly.

Peacemaker sees Jennifer Holland & Steve Agee return to their roles of Emilia Harcourt & John Economos in The Suicide Squad. Robert Patrick plays Auggie Smith, Danielle Brooks plays Leota Adebayo and Freddie Stroma plays Adrian Chase/Vigilante. ChukwudiIwuji portrays Clemson Murn. Episode 3 “Better Goff Dead” sees ARGUS set out on its first official mission, to kill suspected “butterflies”. John, Clemson and Leota also discuss the common belief that the children’s book series The Berenstain Bears is called “The Berenstein Bears,” while Leota insists upon “Berenstain.”

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Gunn took to Twitter recently to share the story. The creator of the show, Berenstain Bears said that the joke was inspired by a real-life situation in which he (and probably many others) discovered they had been calling their beloved bear clan the wrong names since childhood. Below is the scene and tweet:

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There has been a lot of debate over whether the series is The Berenstain Bears or The Berenstein Bears. This has caused heated online discussions. Peacemaker explains that the series’ authors and illustrators are Stan and Jan Berenstain. They published The Big Honey Hunt in 1962. Many people assume that the Bears’ name should include the suffix “-stein”, as it is more common. This is evident in everything, from official TV adaptations to knockoff products.

Many people grew up with Berenstain Bear cartoons and heard “Berenstein” but were never corrected. is here to help, not only from the butterflies but also from common misconceptions. Peacemaker is similar to The Boys’ superhero show, but it subverts the expectations of the genre. This can be seen in everything, from pop culture references to graphic violence and social commentary to profanity to dance sequences and eagle sidekicks. Gunn’s trademark voice shines through in his work.


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