Pokémon Fan Accidentally Washed a Rare Charizard Card, Causing Meltdown

One Pokemon trading card player displayed the aftermath of a tragedy when a rare and highly valuable holographic Charizard Card was lost.

Fans of the Pokémon trading cards game will know that there’s no greater tragedy than accidentally destroying a rare card. One TikTok collector suffered the terrible fate of accidentally destroying a Pokémon card.

The Pokemon trading cards game has been around almost as long as video games. There have been many cards that are considered to be the most valuable and oldest. The holographic Charizard gained popularity quickly as one of the rarest, valuable and prized Pokemon cards available. A holographic Charizard card was a sign of status upon their first release, but they have risen in value over the years. This helped fuel the 2021 revival of interest in Pokémoncards. Card collectors became a hot commodity as pack openings and reveal more popular. Also, social media became a primary news source for discussions about card collections. One TikTok user discovered that there’s a darker side to card collecting.

The user is.ivy.r posted a TikTok video showing how even today, mishaps can result in valuable Pokemon cards being destroyed (via Dexerto). The video shows it.ivy.r examining a valuable holographic Charizard Card and announcing she would grade the card. The card was accidentally run through the washer before she could grade it. Im.ivy.r looks horrified at the card and reveals the whole story.

The Pokemon cards became so popular during the pandemic that they were sold out in stores as soon as they arrived. Retailers like Target and Walmart had to limit the number of packs a patron could buy. This was not because of nostalgia. In response to a social media trend, players would compare Pokemon cards, such as the holographic Charizard.

Even though I’m.ivy.r didn’t intend to sell her holographic Charizard card, and it could still have some sentimental or nostalgic value. It’s hard for any fan to lose a treasured possession because of an accident, regardless of its monetary value. It is unlikely that im.ivy.r will find comfort in the fact that more Holographic Charizard Cards are available for purchase at retailers such as eBay. The price tag for one of these Pokemon cards might make it.ivy.r even more irritated at the thought of washing such a valuable card.

Heritage Auctions’ Comics & Comic Art Auction set a record for selling a sealed First Edition Base Set, booster pack of the Pokémon TCG. The final price was $198,000 US Dollars. The Pokemon TCG remains a popular trading card game globally and recently announced an upcoming set that will be adding a gigantic Pikachu to the ranks of bound-to-be-sought-after novelty cards for collectors.

The original PokemonTCG set, also known as Base Set, was released in 1999. It was not available in Japan until 1996) and quickly became a popular collectible item for children worldwide when the Pokemon craze took hold. However, not all editions of the Base Set are this valuable; many factors influence auction listings, such as the one currently in the news. First Edition Base Set is a booster box that was part of PokémonTCG’s initial print run. All subsequent printings lose the First Edition label. Also, the box was sealed in excellent condition. This means that all cards in the booster box are likely to be in “Gem Mint” condition. This is the highest grading for rare cards.

Combined with the Pokémon franchise’s insane popularity, these factors led to the record-breaking sale of the First Edition Base Set booster package as announced by Heritage Auctions. The rare First Edition PokémonBase Set booster sold for a staggering USD 198,000 at the Comics & Comic Art Auction on September 10, 2020. This item’s previous record, set in 2019, was a paltry $78,000. This means that the value of a sealed First Edition base set Pokemon booster pack has nearly tripled in the space of one year.

Jesus Garcia, Assistant Comics & Comic Art Operation Supervisor at Heritage Auctions, says that this upward trend isn’t surprising. It simply shows that the demand and popularity for these cards are not slowing down. This has been true for Pokémon and other long-tenured TCGs such as Magic: The Gathering. Original print runs are rare and cannot be undervalued. Once a collector buys one and then puts it away, the price of all other copies on the market goes up to match the scarcity.

Even though trading cards were a new idea in the 1990s, nobody could have foreseen their future value in 2020. Many children held cards worth thousands of dollars while trading with friends or playing at school, Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. These cards are now kept in collections or sold off for vast sums of money to ensure that they have the honor.

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