Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Stained-Glass Togepi for Halloween

Pokemon has been a popular video game franchise for more than twenty years. Pokemon enthusiasts have been making tributes to their favorite Pokemon for well over 20 years. A fan of art decided to make a stained-glass Togepi for Halloween.

Many Pokemon events feature cute Halloween costumes. However, Togepi is not often listed on the official Halloween roster. Reddit user kmglasscreations used fan-made Halloween Togepi designs to inspire a stunning piece of stained glass fanart just in time for Halloween.

Togepi, a small, round Pokemon is hidden within a white eggshell with red and blue markings. Although its exposed head, arms and feet are normally shown as cream, this Halloween Togepi has grey skin and an orange Jack O-Lantern. Togepi has had the Jack-O-Lantern top removed so that Togepi can see through its head. However, Togepi still has a black, leering face visible from Togepi’s chest, creating a creepy atmosphere.

This is one of the most popular creations according to kmglasscreations. Fans may find it easy to understand why. Although this isn’t the first time that a Pokemon enthusiast has made stained glass fan art it might be the best. It has very sharp angles and color definition on the Jack-O-Lantern top. These sharp edges appear to be rounded according to the creator, at least for glass pieces. The illusion of sharp angles is created by cleverly shaped foil pieces, not something that is incorporated into the glass.

The stained glass Halloween Togepi seems to have been as well received by Pokemonfans, as the official stained glass-themed Pokemoncollectibles. One fan called the Halloween Togepi adorable, while another said that they loved it. Another fan called the project amazing. Kmglasscreations is a well-known brand for creating stained glass fan art inspired from video games. This Halloween Togepi matches their established brand. The Halloween Togepi and the artist’s other work, including more stained glass Pokemon, can be purchased on their Etsy shop, KMGlassCreationsShop. They have some other Halloween designs that they offer as of this writing.


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