Pokémon Fan Game Finally Brings Mew Truck Urban Legend To Life

Fan-made Pokémongame brings to life part of the franchise’s rich and varied history by using an old urban legend. The monster collection franchise was created by Nintendo in 1996 and has been a huge part of popular culture worldwide. Many myths have been created over the years about the series, with Pokemon Red & Blue’s famous Mew truck one of the most popular.

Pokemon Red introduced gamers to the beloved franchise more than 25 years ago. It also included its original roster with 151 supernatural creatures. To the dismay of many Pokemon trainers, only 150 monsters could be captured in-game. The Legendary Pokemon Mew wasn’t actually in Pokemon Red or Blue. However, Game Freak later released the adorable and mysterious creature at live events. Many gamers spent hours searching for the mysterious flying pink Pokemon, rumors quickly spreading that it had been hidden in the games. There were many rumors and theories about Mew in Pokemon Red. One common theory was that the Legendary Pokemon might be under a truck in Vermillion City.

Reddit user Ghoti_Bone referenced their Pokemon game to the urban legend about the Mew Truck. This custom collect-em-all experience will be built in RPG Maker XP. It includes a special Pokemonadd-on that allows Ghoti-Bone access to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire assets. You can customize the landscape and dialogue of your project, which allows you to include the Mew Truck allusion. Ghoti-Bone’s video shows a non-player character telling the user about a common playground rumor, suggesting that a Mythical Pokemon can be found behind a nearby truck with a Pokeball. Although the Poke Ball is purely aesthetic, Mew may be placed in this location by the creator in the future.

Because Pokemon is so popular, there are often rumors about the franchise. Some urban legends might be true, but myths like shiny Jirachi being absent from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire have been proven false many years later. Many fans believed it was impossible to get the shiny version of the Legendary Pokemon Jirachi. It was proved that shiny Jirachi could be obtained by normal means, even though it took 18 years to release the titles. Two people spent hours searching for the rare Wish Pokemon. Interestingly, they both encountered the rare creature the same day.

There will always be theories and rumors about a series as popular and old as Pokémon. Rumors concerning Pokemon Legends. Arceus shows that the tradition of spreading gossip is alive and well. Ghoti-Bones Pokemontitle honors old urban legends from the series’ history. Although the Mew Truck in Vermillion City might not have been an actual secret within Pokemon Red or Blue, it could have been. The fan project could allow players to fulfill the age-old playground promise.

One Pokemon fan is transforming classic Ghost-type Pokemon designs into terrifying, realistic versions. Fans of the franchise love to create crafts based on their favorite Pokemon species. These include crocheted models of various Pokemon and 3D printed models. There have also been elaborate sculptures. Although it is nice to keep to the original design, it can make a big difference in the impact of certain Pokemon species.

The Pokemon’s In-Game Designs is one of the main reasons the Pokemon series has remained popular for over two decades. Many Pokemon are simple and identifiable. They can be anything from cute Fairy-types to scary Ghost-types. Fans of all styles and preferences will find a companion in this diversity. Crafts can find inspiration in the simplicity of the designs of the first 150 Pokemon. Most species use simple colors, and evolutions are easy to replicate in other mediums than drawing.

The artist shows how he created the Kanto region Ghost-types Ghastly and Haunter from clay in a video that Blinded by Daylight shared during 2020. These recreations show what each Pokemon would look like in real life, rather than the cartoonish, comical designs found in the Pokemon games. Blinded by Light gives the Pokemon long, sharp teeth and eyes without pupils. The once hilariously spooky characters are now a Pokemon-fueled nightmare with their long tongues and broken lips.

Blinded By Daylight doesn’t have any other realistic Pokemon species on YouTube. However, the sculptures look similar to the realistic reimagines in the film detective Pikachu where the cartoonish Pokemon were replaced with hyper-realistic versions. Fans would prefer to encounter a prank-loving Gengar of Indigo league rather than a terrifying monster. Still, the change shows what most people imagine when they meet a ghost in an abandoned building or other haunted places. However, real Pokemon like Eevee might look more cat- or dog-like than the cartoon versions, making them less scary to look at or increasing their appeal.


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