Pokemon Fanart Combines Squirtle and The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Since the initial 150 designs were released in 1990, the Pokemon franchise has added hundreds to its roster. These creations have been further enhanced by the fanbase who has added endless fusions to their collection. One Pokemon fan decided to recreate Squirtle using a Creature From The Black Lagoon twist.
In the United States, the Pokemon franchise was popularized in the 1990s with Pokemon Red & Pokemon Blue. There are currently just under 900 Pokemon available for players to encounter in the games of the franchise. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, a classic black-and-white horror film from 1954 that features a scaly humanoid being hunted in the Amazon, is memorable.

This particular creation was created by u/CraigRosnerArt and perfectly captures Squirtle as well as the Creature in the classic black-and-white monster movie. This new Squirtle, now called the Creature From the Kanto Lagoon is both adorable and horrifying. The original blue color scheme of Squirtle has been changed to the Creature’s green in the movie advertisements. This new Pokemon has scales on its tail, arms and shell. Its eyes are now a mixture of yellow and orange. The creator mentions that other combinations may be possible.

The Creature is now part of the legendary monster roster along with Count Dracula, the Wolfman and other iconic monsters. This combination makes it perfect for Halloween. The original Creature from Black Lagoon design looks exactly like a humanoid, with large scales and large gills around the neck. u/CraigRosnerArt has perfectly transferred this over. The new name matches perfectly with u/CraigRosnerArt, which mentions the Kanto area where Squirtle was first encountered by Pokemon players.

These fan-made Pokemon combinations are a reminder of the iconic status that both Squirtle and the Creature form the Creature From The Black Lagoon are to their respective fanbases. This design is a result of nostalgia and the fact that Squirtle as well as the Creature prefer to be in the water, which is why it works so well.

One could argue, however, that Halloween has more memorable Pokemon and iconic monsters than Squirtle. You could also use ghosts, werewolves, or vampires. There are many other Pokemon that are as famous as Squirtle from the first generation. However, the spooky new version of Squirtle was created by u/CraigRosnerArt.

People often picture Pokemon as large when they see their designs. You would think that monsters would be too large to shrink down to fit into your pocket. You might be surprised to see that many of the Pokemon in the Pokedex are smaller than you think. Some of the sizes have been taken by Pokemon anime, so it is not surprising that Pokemon like Groudon are only 11 feet tall.

Take a moment to gaze at the twenty largest Pokemon known and avoid grabbing your neck.

Updated September 21st, 2018 by Allison Stalberg Some of these large Pokemon are legends, while others are based on huge animals or plants. Large Pokemon are not just about their height. There are many other questions as well. Which type of Pokemon is the largest? What are their base stats and abilities? What are their base stats? The number of legendaries who claim the crown for the largest Pokemon is proof that sometimes bigger is not always better.

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