Pokémon Fan’s Dialga Portrait Looks Like A Real-Life Photograph

Recently, a talented artist and obvious Pokemon fan unveiled their colored pencil creation: A lifelike rendition of Legendary Pokemon Dialga.

A Pokemon fan recently revealed an impressive piece of artwork. It features a very lifelike-looking Dialga, the Legendary Pokemon most well-known for its appearances in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Due to the release of Pokemon Brilliant diamond & Shining Pearl in November, Dialga and its Pearl/Shining Pearl counterpart, Palkia, are currently at the forefront of gaming-related conversations.

Pokémon has a loyal, caring fan base that often pays tribute to the series through various projects and creations. Many fans love to celebrate the franchise with artwork highlighting one or more titular Pokemon. Recently, a fan showcased his artwork that highlighted Eevee’s adorable nature. This is the series most beloved Pokemon. The artwork shows them as cute bunnies with floppy ears. Eevee and Pokemonenthusiasts were delighted with the artwork.

Another Pokemon fan has unveiled their tribute to the series. JayuiceArt uploaded a photo of their artwork using colored pencils. The final product looks incredibly lifelike thanks to how it reflects light and color. They also used shadows to emphasize the size and shape of the Pokemon. JayuiceArt’s work could be used as a prototype to create Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in live-action or guide viewers to imagine a real-life Dialga.

JayuiceArt’s creation of Dialga received lots of love from the Pokémonfan base. This is understandable given its detail. One user commented that the art looks so real that it almost seems to pop off the page. It is very pleasing to see the beautiful shading and smooth lines. Another person shared similar sentiments and said, “I love the shading technique.” Although I don’t know anything about art, you use different strokes to create different textures. This makes it look more authentic.

It would be a remarkable feat to transfer the Pokémon world to real life, as many fans do now. Pokémon GO has made it possible by using AR technology to create realistic-looking encounters between Pokemon via mobile device cameras. JayuiceArt’s Dialga shows how a real-life version might look, encouraging imagination.

Some players have been baffled by the animations used for Pokemon, like Ekans in Pokemon Shining Pearl games. BDSP is the long-awaited remake of Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS. Bringing back a favorite fan feature such as follower Pokemon could have been a recipe for success. However, this perceived corner-cutting has disappointed players in the quality of this long-requested feature’s reintroduction. In some cases, it has even made them laugh.

In Pokemon Red, followers of Pokemon were introduced. Players’ starter Pokemon, Pikachu, would soon follow the player, but it wouldn’t be fully realized until Generation 4’s Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Pokemon had some annoying features but not following Pokemon. These games allowed any Pokemon to follow the player. Each Pokemon had its sprite in the overworld. The player could interact with these Pokemon to make cute interactions and possibly even earn the items the Pokemon have collected. The feature was a great way to make players feel closer to their Pokemon. However, it wouldn’t be returning until BDSP.

Shining Pearl received positive feedback at launch. However, there are still areas that could use improvement. Fans long-requested these remakes of the originals. However, disappointments like BDSP’s National Dex left some players feeling overwhelmed. Players who missed the feature’s return have been delighted with it. However, some players, particularly Ekans, have raised concerns about the animations used to create 3D models of the player. It is a poison-type snake Pokemon, and it is well-known for being part of Pokemon anime. You would expect it to get a little more polish in animation.

Ekans of BDSP Follows Players Like a House

UrFriendlySpiderMan shared this information on the Pokemon subreddit. Instead of slithering across the ground like players might expect a snake, Ekans glide along the ground while being coiled up. This animation, or lack thereof, looks more like a hockey puck sliding on ice than a pet snake following its owner around. Milotic, another serpentine Pokemon, is an example of this strange phenomenon. It drags behind the player while it remains coiled.

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