Pokémon Fans Vote Umbreon & Espeon As Favorite Eeveelutions

Pokemon’s Eeveelutions fans gathered to vote for their favorite evolution options. Umbreon and Espeon came out on top. Since their debut in Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Eevee has been a popular addition to Pokemon team rosters. There are many opinions about which Eeveelution is best, and each offers different battle strategies and aesthetics.

Eevee can evolve to the Eeveelutions Jolteons, Flareons, Espeons, Umbreons, Leafeons, Glaceons, Sylveons Jolteons, Flareons, Espeons, Espeons, Umbreons, Leafeons, Leafeons, Glaceons, and Sylveons. Sylveon was the most recent addition to the series during Generation Five when the Kalos region introduced a Fairy-type. Despite the demand for new Eeveelutions and their popularity, Sun & Moon, Sword & Shield didn’t introduce any new options. The current list offers players many options for evolving their Eevee.

A poll by Pokemon fans, the name of DashHDF, on Reddit allowed users to vote for their favorite Eeveelutions. There are several options based on the date they were introduced to the series. Umbreon (and Espeon) – both added in Generation Two’s Pokemon Gold Silver and Crystal – received the most votes. The Kanto trio of Flareon Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Vaporeon came in second. Glaceon, Leafeon finished third, and Sylveon was last by a large margin.

While all Eeveelutions offer adorable designs, Umbreon or Espeon are two of the most notable and distinctive appearances. Umbreon is especially loved for its Shiny variant, which replaces its black body’s yellow circles and bands with sharply blue color points. Both Pokemon have intimidating move sets. Espeon has powerful attacks such as Psybeam, while Umbreon uses both Dark-and Fairy-type attacks in recent games. For most strategies, having either option on your player team can benefit. They are also free from the requirement for evolution stones making them more accessible. Espeon develops in the daytime with high levels of friendship, while Umbreon evolves at night.

Fans can be loyal to one Eeveelution more than others. It’s because raising an Eevee in the games or the animated Pokemon series is a unique and memorable experience. This is why players form special bonds with Eevee and the chosen evolution. This special relationship between a player and a Pokemon is an example of why the Pokemon series has remained so popular over decades of games and trainer journeys.


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