Pokémon GO Cyber Week Boxes Aren’t Discounted, Angering Players.

Pokemon Go gamers are outraged at the Cyber Week Special Loot Box Prices. Cyber Week is huge for gamers of all kinds and proclivities. However, services such as Steam tend to reduce prices and put up consoles and games on huge sales. Cyber Week is also applicable to the games, as they often offer discounts on in-game currency and other items.

In-game purchases often include Pokeballs, Egg Incubators boosts, or loot boxes-like items like Lucky Eggs. Although it is technically possible to progress through Pokémon GO without spending real-life currency, many players choose to spend money on these assets. Mobile games such as Pokemon Go are some of the most lucrative on the market. It’s a great opportunity for players to rejoice when these games announce the sale of in-game currency and assets. However, this was not true for the Pokemon GoCyber Week special.

As part of Cyber Week, Niantic announced via the app that three levels of loot boxes, Special, Ultra, and Adventure, would be available for sale. Many players, including Redditor, pointed out that Cyber Week boxes are priced roughly the same as normal. Reddit users decried the move, calling it an attempt to trick unsuspecting buyers. Others suspect the pricing was an oversight.

Loot boxes have always been a controversial topic in gaming. Many gamers and observers compare them to gambling and have condemned their inclusion in modern gaming. Pokemon Go has come under fire over similar issues. When Pokemon Go introduced eggs to their game, they were compared to loot boxes. The players didn’t know the odds of getting that particular Pokemon or how they interacted with Incubators. Although they aren’t the same as loot boxes, these Cyber Week boxes don’t look too different. This is especially true when players don’t know the likelihood of receiving certain rewards.

Many players may be keen to get a cheap loot box as the Pokemon Goseason is over. These boxes could contain valuable items or boost to help players catch new Pokemon or increase their chances of obtaining rare creatures. Some players are not willing to pay full price for Cyber Week boxes, even if they get a discount.

Modern Pokemon games have one of the most exciting features: the ability to personalize the player character. Although not all Pokemon games have these options, most Pokemon games that feature a physical player character allow customization. This includes Pokemon Go, which was released in 2016 that allowed players to personalize their avatars from the beginning.

Niantic added many customization options over the past four years. These can be unlocked using in-game currency or by completing challenges. These cosmetic items can also be worn by the player’s avatar, which can be seen in the overworld at any time. They can also be shared with friends. These items are known as souvenirs. Some items are rarer and can only be obtained in certain circumstances. This guide will help players to convince their friends to bring them souvenirs on Pokemon Go.

How To Get Souvenirs In Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go has recently introduced the concept buddy Pokemon, allowing players to choose one Pokemon to go with them in the overworld. These buddy Pokemon can perform several functions, including fetching items and collecting evolution candy. You can interact with your buddy to increase your friendship level and earn more rewards.

Buddy Pokemon may also fetch souvenirs, which are rare items that can either be collected or worn. To increase their friendship to an ultra buddy level, players must first choose a buddy Pokémon. To get a buddy to the ultra buddy level, the trainer must earn 150 hearts through interactions with that Pokémon. You can earn 10 hearts per day for a buddy by walking, feeding, petting, and battling. If they do every buddy activity, the fastest time a player can get an ultra buddy Pokemon in 15 days is possible.

As long as the Pokemon is the player’s buddy, a buddy Pokemon will reach ultra buddy level. Players love to share their shiny Pokemon with their buddies. So make sure to choose a Pokemon that you are proud to be a part of, and you won’t have to worry about leveling up another buddy.

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