Pokemon GO Fans Are Sharing the Weirdest PokeStops They’ve Seen

As Pokemon Go grows and evolves, players have come across many interesting PokeStops all over the globe. A group of Pokemon Go enthusiasts is now sharing some of the most bizarre, unexpected, and funny PokeStops that they have encountered while on their mobile Pokemon adventures.

PokeStops can be placed at top of real-life landmarks. This allows players to collect resources and face the antagonistic Team GO Rocket. While cities often have many PokeStops , Pokemon Go players from smaller communities might have difficulty finding PokeStops. Both types of environment seem to have their share of odd and unusual PokeStops.

Reddit user StrideeFPS began the discussion by sharing a picture of a gift they received at the Spongebob Squarepants Mailbox PokeStop in New York. He also asked other players for their opinions on the strangest PokeStops they’ve encountered. Many of the responses seem to be seasonal with October starting and Pokemon Go‘s Halloween events near. Other players stated that they visited PokeStops attached to memorials. One even commented that it felt like sending out headstones by sending gifts from these PokeStops.

One German player stated that every second PokeStop in their city is a part of a memorial for people who died in concentration camps. This may give the game a morbid flavor. Another user claimed that their town has a PokeStop at a funeral home. A second player reported that a PokeStop was set at a Christian family’s building and that it printed “HAPPINESS ISN’T SUBMISSION TO God”. The PokeStop image in question is apparently a photo of the wall altered to read “HAPPINESS IS SUBMISSION TO GODZILLA.”

Another player mentioned a PokeStop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota called “Is it bison poop?” with a description that read “Yes it IS.” One user from the UK claimed that a playground device looked like a bouncy squidhead, which was dubbed Boing Cthulhu by the app. This may have encouraged fans to wonder if team GO Rocket members would be seen there as cultists. Another German player claimed that he found a PokeStop at the North Korean Embassy in Berlin. One user event reported that a PokeStop was placed on top a Columbus, Ohio plaque that was created to commemorate nothing that happened at the site.


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