Pokemon Go Halloween Mischief event 2021

2021 Halloween event in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Halloween events are some of the best in the year. 2021’s will be no exception. The event will be split into two sections and include a variety of new Pokemon, new raid bosses, and the continuation of Hoopa’s special research. As with other 5th anniversary events this year, the event will also feature a haunting new song in-game. Make sure you turn your game off to enjoy the haunting Lavender Town remix.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event – When?

The event will run from October 15 to October 31, 2021.

Part 1: Creepy Companions

Creepy Companions will be held between 10 am and 10 am on Friday, Oct 15th, and 10 am on Friday, Oct 22.

Part 2: Ghoulish pals

The event will end with Part 2: Ghoulish Pals. It will take place between 10 am and 8 pm local on Friday, Oct 22nd, and Sunday, Oct 31st.

Halloween 2021: New Pokemon

This year’s Pokemon Go event will see a selection of cute – and appropriately haunting – Pokemon introduced to Pokemon Go.

Galatian Slowking

Creepy Companions will be the first part of the evolution. Galatian Slowpoke can finally evolve into the magic-looking Hexpert Pokémon.

Galarian Slowpoke evolution requirements

You can prepare for evolution now if you already have a Galarian Slowpoke. Slowpoke can be your friend and you can go on adventures together to catch 30 poison-type Pokemon. This will make it easier and faster to do, but you can still find the occasional Galpin and Koffing in the wild. If you’re hoping to catch a bigger fish, the Slowpoke must be your friend when you complete the requirements. If you are looking for a stronger catch, wait until the event starts, and then try your luck in 1-star raids with Galarian Slowpoke. You will need 50 Slowpoke candy to meet the 30 Poison-type Pokemon requirements. Even though the evolution will not take place during the first half of the event you can still evolve your Galarian Slowpoke once the event is over.

Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist

Pumpkaboo will be appearing in the wild starting October 22nd. A new game mechanic will be introduced by the adorable Pumpkin Pokemon. Pumpkaboo will bring different sizes of sprites to the game. The bigger the Pumpkaboo, it will look in-game. In the wild, large and super-sized Pumpkaboos are rarer.

Gourgeists will not be seen in the wild, but you can transform your Pumpkaboos to Gourgeists. You can also find average-sized Pumpkaboos in one-star raids.

A new Collection Challenge will celebrate the new game mechanic. You will be asked to collect Pumpkaboo in all sizes.

Trevenant and Phantump

Pumpkaboo is joined by the adorable Phantump. (I thought these guys were meant to be frightening, not cute!) The wild and one-star raids will see Phantump also appearing. The Elder Tree Pokemon Trevenant can be created from Phantump.

Halloween Costumed Pokemon

You will receive new costumes for your Pokemon, just like in past Halloween events. These Pokemon are brand new for this year’s Halloween Mischief event. Three Pokemon will be in the game wearing Halloween Mischief hats. These are Drifblim and Piplup, and you may be able to see them in the shiny form if you’re fortunate!

Hoopa Misunderstood Mischief special research

Hoopa is still having trouble with the Misunderstood Mischief research special. Now is the perfect time to make it reappear. A spooky Halloween event will feature Mischief in its own title! You’ll start at step 8 if you’re up-to-date with the research tasks. Step 9 will relaunch the research on October 15th. Players will be granted special access to an in-game event once they have completed the Season of Mischief storyline.

Pokemon Go Halloween Cup

The Pokemon Go Battle League will host a new Halloween-themed Cup starting October 15th. This Cup is spooky enough to be suitable for the Season of Mischief. There are restrictions on the types of Pokemon that can enter it. Any Pokemon that enters the Halloween Cup must be CP 1,500 or lower.

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