Pokémon GO Misunderstood Mischief Quest Rewards Criticized By Players

Many Pokemon Go fans were disappointed at the 16-part Misunderstood Mischief Special Research reward. Some events in the mobile augmented reality game offer players the chance to win special rewards. These are usually rare and powerful Pokemon. Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2021 celebration was huge, adding many new Pokemon to the mix and challenging players.

Pokemon Go’s Halloween celebration was split this year. This allowed the treats and tricks to last for two weeks. Creepy Companions added Galarian Slowpoke and raids against dark creatures like Altered Forme Giratina to the first part. Ghoulish Pals introduced four new Pokemon to the second Halloween event, including the pumpkin-like Pumpkaboo and the ghostly Phantump. Another raid was introduced in the second event, Ghoulish Pals. It included a raid against Darkrai. The Halloween Mischief event, which featured a special Battle League Cup and Special Research opportunities, was also held throughout the holiday celebration.

Pokemon Go fans such as Redditor HeyCarm criticized October’s Misunderstood Mischief’s end and criticized the quest’s rewards. Misunderstood Mischief was a 16 part quest that ran as part of the mobile title’s 2-part Halloween celebration. Carm was upset when they found out that the reward for completing the long series of tasks was a two-star Dusknoir. Reddit users agreed with this criticism, especially since Dusknoir was also the subject of a Field Research Task during the Halloween Mischief. Dusknoir, a Ghost-type Pokemon, isn’t considered to be a strong Pokemon. It has a low health pool and lacks special attacks. This makes it a disappointing reward for completing such a large number of tasks.

Many fans are disappointed by the Misunderstood Mischief quest’s poor loot. However, there are always more Pokémon events on the horizon. The Festival of Lights is coming to an end. This Pokemon GoFestival of Lights event commemorates Diwali, which is celebrated around the globe. Dedenne, a cute Electric and Fairy-type Pokémon, was introduced to an alternate reality. The Festival of Lights will be held until November 14. Until then, players can enjoy new cosmetic items and field research tasks, as well as in-game confetti.

Pokemon Go makes frequent usage of in-game events, which ensures that players always have something to do when they go out to catch monsters. This can lead to event rewards sometimes being disappointing for those who have earned them. Two-star Dusknoir is a disappointing reward, especially for 16-part quests that can take weeks.

A celebration of Dia de Muertos within Pokemon Go offers Incense bonuses, a cosmetic item, and rare encounters with Pokemon such as Shiny Alolan Marowak. Alternate reality mobile games often hold in-game events that coincide with holidays. This allows players to be immersed in the monster collection experience and allows them to win exclusive rewards. Pokemon Go The Halloween event provided a fun and festive atmosphere for the players, with treats and tricks for two weeks. It ended on October 31.

Pokemon Go holds a vast Halloween event each year. The festivities often focus on the more disturbing Ghost- and Dark-type pocket beasts of the franchise. The 2021 event made Ghost-type Pokemon more common between October 22 & 31. To increase Halloween spirit, more adorable costumes of Pokemon were added, including Halloween Mischief Pikachu (and Piplup). The two-part event featured several special events, including a five-star Raid against Altered Forme Giratina and the addition of four new Pokemon. Pokemon GO introduced the pumpkin Pokemon Pumpkaboo. A recent Collection Challenge aimed at challenging trainers to capture the combined Ghost-type and Grass-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is now hosting a Dia de Muertos celebration between November 1st and 2. This special event celebrates the Day of the Dead in Mexico and other countries. Lure Modules or Incense will be available for 90 minutes during the event, which will give players more time to attract valuable monsters. Trainers in Latin America and the Caribbean will also enjoy more frequent encounters with event-specific Pokemon. Wild encounters will put Pokemon Go players against rare Pokemon like Shiny Yamask and Shiny Drifloon. At the same time, Lures or Incense will draw in even more prey, such as Shiny Alolan Marowak. Up until November 2, a free event box will be made available. A Dia de Muertos shirt with a cosmetic avatar will also be available.

Although Pokemon Go’s Halloween event took over October, Niantic still has many celebrations planned for November. The Dia de Muertos celebration will be held at the beginning of November. Then Pokémon GO’s Festival of Lights will take place between November 5th and 14. The Diwali celebration, inspired by Indian and other countries around the world, will bring the cute Electric- and Fairy-type Pokémon Dedenne to the game. The Pokemon Go celebration will update mechanics such as eggs and Raids, adding variety to the game by changing the types of Pokemon that can be encountered.

Pokemon Go has just ended a two-week-long event. However, Pokemon GGO is determined to continue supporting its players with fresh and entertaining content. The Dia de Muertos event pays tribute to an important holiday with memorable encounters and in-game items that reflect the Day of the Dead’s color and fun. Every player is sure to find something new during Dia de Muertos.

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