Pokemon Legends: Arceus Might Have Core Issues if Players Can Catch Arceus

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have had a busy year, with many Pokemon announcements and releases. The most talked about of all were the remakes and remasters of Generation 4 games — Pokemon Brilliant diamond and Shining Pearl — as well as the brand-new Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The Pokemon Legends project is even more ambitious than the originals. Legends will be the first open-world Pokemon game, even though it’s not an entirely open-world experience as Breath Of The Wild.

It’s refreshing to see Pokemon Legends: Arceus as a prequel. This is a refreshing approach to Pokemon games where it can be difficult to find lore when trying to compare the various regions and the games timeline. This poses a problem with Pokemon Legends Arceus due to how it handles Arceus and what happens with the Legendary Pokemon story-wise. Arceus was actually available in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. This means that players can catch it.

Players could get Arceus in Generation 4 games, and this could also be true with Pokemon Bright Diamond and Shimmer Pearl. This could have huge story implications if players are unable to catch the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Arceus should be explained to players if it is indeed available. Arceus’ availability is problematic because it is a Legendary Pokemon (a rare Pokemon that is not common) and also the creator of the Pokemonuniverse. It means that players who catch it in Pokemon Legends would have to wait until Generation 4 is over before they can remake the game.

Online battles can be a bit problematic because players may use the same Legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon are unique and cannot reproduce. This has not been addressed lore-wise. It’s an obvious side effect to Legendary Pokemon being made available to all players who purchase the game. It’s only right that Pokemon Legends Arceus’ narrative includes it. This will be a key element in the unfolding events and how the first Trainers from the Hisui area got to live side-by-side with their Pokemon.

Pokémongames are about the relationship between Trainers and their Pokemon. This is also evident with Gym Leaders in the series. It’s possible that Arceus could be caught by players in Pokemon Legends. This would mean that the Pokemon will one day live in the wild.

If Arceus is not available in the Switch game, there’s a counter argument. It would be the title Pokemon. Pokemon Legends would be setting itself up to disappointment if it didn’t allow players the chance to catch the mythical creature. Each Pokemongame should have a cover creature, usually a Legendary, that is involved in the main plot. Cover Pokemon usually join the list with the available Pokemon towards the end of the game, especially if there are multiple versions.

A game with as much ambition as Pokemon Legends, Arceus might not succeed if it did not have a playable version. It also should allow players to capture it after a fierce battle. Arceus appearing only for story purposes might be distracting from the story. However, if the encounter with the Legendary Pokemon doesn’t resolve, then a battle against the Pokemon could prove too crucial to pass up for players. This would cause the above problems and could have a negative impact on the overall reception of the game.

Game Freak must balance the best of both, which can feel like it would ruin the story. Another option is to allow players to fight against other Pokemon or the few Trainers of with Arceus at their side. This would make it an allegiance between the parties, as they wouldn’t necessarily have caught it in the traditional way. Pokemon Legends will not live up to its hype and disappear when it dies down. This is especially true if the fans are disappointed with the appearance and participation of the titular Pokemon.

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