Pokémon Red & Blue Reimagined As 3D Games

CodyCantEatThis, a 3D artist and Youtuber, has created a way for you to explore the world of Pokemon Red & Blue using 3D graphics and a modern perspective.

Jason Hon Published 11 hours ago.

Re-creating classic Pokemon Red and Blue games in a 3D environment is a great fan project that hits the nostalgic button. It is hard to overstate the achievements of the Pokémon franchise, which recently celebrated its 25th birthday. More than 100 Pokemon video games, 901 Pokemon species, and dozens of movies and TV shows. The latest generation games, Pokemon Sword & Shield, have sold over 20 million copies.

Pokemon enthusiasts have spent hours trying to catch them on many different platforms over the years. The Pocket Monsters are loved by many, whether it’s the mobile game Pokemon Go that took the world by storm or the collection of Pokemon trading cards that has seen their value soar over the years. One fan wanted to give the original games a modern twist after many enjoyed the content.

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YouTuber CodyCantEatThis is a highly talented 3D artist. They recently started a fan project to recreate Pokemon Red and Blue’s Kanto area (via Games). CodyCantEatThis spent the past year creating popular 2D games from a 3D perspective. After creating a 3D version of the famous Sonic, Mario, and Legend of Zelda games, they decided to work on their unfinished 3D remake of Pokemon Red and Blue.

The Pokemon Shining Pearl remakes have a modern look compared to the original DS releases. However, it’s not the complete 3D recreation fans had hoped for. Each village in the Kanto region is included and gym leaders and items. You can even catch and encounter wild Pokemon. The fan project is still in progress, and the artist knows that Nintendo’s lawyers would be interested in a 3D Pokemon re-release. Their subscriber count has risen due to CodyCantEatThis impressive 3D world creation work. The project is gaining popularity, and fans are keen to see it continue. They hope that the work will lead to more lucrative ventures for the 3D artist.

Over the years, many impressive fan projects have been created by gamers. However, Nintendo has not allowed fans to remake its properties. CodyCantEatThis is a Youtube channel that has created 3D worlds using Unity. They have recreated many of their favorite games. Fan creations like this Pokemon Red and Blue are not available for public consumption.

The new Pokemon in Pokemon Legends is Arceus. It could be included in the upcoming Pokemon Generation 9. The Hisui region in Legends is home to many rare and unusual Pokemon. These new Pokemon could be included in Legends Arceus, which could mean that they will officially be part of the mainline series in Gen 9.

The new Pokemon introduced to Pokemon Legends are evolutions and regional variations of existing Pokemon. An unofficial leak about the number of Hisuian forms of Pokemon Legends has suggested that 17 be introduced, while three new evolutions such as Wyrdeer or Kleavor were officially announced. It is more likely that the massive amount of Pokemon created by the game’s developers will be a glimpse into the future Gen 9 releases.

Numerous instances have occurred where Pokemon were revealed before their official generation. Misty’s Togepi was first seen in an episode in the Pokemon anime in 1998. This was over a year before the Japanese release Pokemon Gold. Lugia also appeared on the promotional art of Pokemon 2000: The Power of One before it was officially revealed as a Gen 2 Pokemon. The Pokemon additions may be receiving similar treatment, given their Noble Pokemon title in Pokemon Legends. This could indicate that they are being prepared for official inclusion in the Gen 9 mainline games.

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It is possible that the Pokemon that were revealed in Pokemon Legends are not appearing in Pokemon Shining Pearl, indicating that they are being kept for Gen 9. Legends – Arceus’ Hisui region has a historical connection with BDSP’s Sinnoh area. This leaves the possibility that the ancient Pokemon might appear in the remakes. The new variants and evolutions of the Pokemon are not present. BDSP. Future BDSP updates could theoretically add them, but it seems more likely that BDSP does not include the generation Legends. Arceus has new Pokemon in the works.


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