Gamers today seem to prefer digital games. However, players still want physical copies of the games. Limited Run Games has taken Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and made it available for the Nintendo Switch as a physical release. They’ll only make the physical version available for a limited time.

The Star Wars physical edition is now available for pre-order at the Limited Run Games website. It will be available starting November 19, 2018. This offer is valid for six weeks. The offer ends at 11:59 Eastern Time on January 2, 2022. Pre-ordered games will be delivered within 4 to 5 months.

The Master and Premium Editions of Knights of the Old Republic are also available for pre-order. The Standard Edition contains only the main game. However, all editions contain bonus content. They include a poster and commemorative coins as well as character concept art cards and other goodies. Different editions include different extras. The Master Edition, for example, includes a SteelBook as well as a premium hardcover strategy guide.

Pre-orders for Star Wars: KotOR is only accepted for 6 weeks.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic video game is an RPG videogame series. The original game was first released on Xbox and PC in 2003. Many KotOR titles have been released since then. Knights of the Old Republic will receive a remake. This was announced earlier in the year. Remakes will be available on PC and PS5, with later releases on other consoles. The game is still in development so a release date cannot be determined.

Limited Run Games is a publisher that specializes in physical limited editions of games. They create physical copies of digital-only games for different consoles. They also make definitive editions of the games. Josh Fairhurst, Douglas Bogart founded Limited Run Games in 2015. They also sell clothing, accessories, and soundtracks.

Pre-order the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic physical edition now. Pre-order the Premium Edition for and Nintendo Switch as well as the Master Edition for and Nintendo Switch. Prices vary depending on edition and region.

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