Preview of Conscript Demo: Rigidly poetic

There is a new face to survival horror. Conscript is a graphic, atmospheric depiction of World War I. It includes all the elements that make games in this genre so immersive. Steam’s Next Fest offers a free demo that reveals its dark side for everyone to enjoy.

Conscript stands out from many demos that I have played in the past few days. Despite its popularity and influence worldwide, I don’t have any personal experience with Resident Evil or games of this type. Survival-horror is my favorite. This game is heavily inspired by the Resident Evil series. It’s not something I would normally be interested in. Its premise was vast and the deeply psychologically twisted imagery won me over. It wasn’t something I had even discovered initially. My brother who loves survival horror has to be credited.

This context is crucial for me going forward because it establishes a precedent that I am not fully familiar with the intricacies of the genre. It is true that I struggled to grasp the concept for the first half-hour. It’s one thing seeing horror; it’s another to survive. Conscript does not prepare you. At the beginning of the demo, loads of weapons are provided. I struggled for a while to figure out how to best make use of these items. The demo is a combination of my inexperience and “intriguing design choices.” It ends up being both frustrating and exhilarating.

Story – War… Is Hell

He follows a single French soldier at the Battle of Verdun during World War I and goes in search of his M.I.A. While trying to save his brother, he is almost certain to die. His situation is difficult to envy. He writes a letter to his family but is then dragged back into intense human conflict.

This is enough to keep you going for at least a few hours. Conscript‘s demo emphasizes an ongoing story through player progress and visual storytelling. One will encounter antagonistic commanders as they make their way through the trenches. They’ll also find fellow soldiers hiding in fear and miles of corpses. The story is told in blood and shows one of the most brutal wars in history.

Andre, the player character, is a sympathetic character due to his circumstances. However, not much information about him is available. The demo does not show much charm or crucial development. The game’s goal is to bring a soldier home during an extremely difficult and painful period in human history.

Gameplay – Fight, or Fly

It is not meant to be compared to the Resident Evil game’s clear inspiration, but it will appeal to those who are familiar with these games. When designing gameplay, many aspects must be considered. Savings require a consumable object each time. Storage space is tight and organization is important. A merchant will save you points and upgrade your weapons as well as sell you items. It is recommended to play conservatively as there is very little ammo throughout the map. Although I have heard about all these things, in theory, I have yet to actually take them into account.

Conscript was a challenging demo to complete, for several reasons. The first was the act of rewiring it to work as I intended. Sometimes it is better to run than to think about what you are getting and how they relate to your progression. Although it’s survival horror, there are elements of action, stealth, and puzzle gameplay. It’s kind of like… My playthrough was filled with Death, who came to my aid when I tried to adjust the buttons and fiddle with weapons. Let’s just say, if there was an audience, I might have believed I’d never played video games before. But I worked hard to improve!

The general rule is that one will be playing in trenches or brown-gray areas while traversing. As one explores each room, it’s important to be aware of the materials left behind and interact with shelves and crates. After gathering blunt weapons, enemies may start to appear. However, from what I could see, killing isn’t absolutely necessary (at most, not all times). You can sometimes run away from them, and still, make progress on your journey. Although puzzle elements are not available until later in the game, they can be easily figured out if you have the right items.

This demo was the most fun I’ve had to play during Next Fest. Sometimes, enemies would stop following me and just stand there looking in my direction. Three times I had to reset the game because I got out of my map. My laptop crashed when I tried to launch the game. This is in addition to framerate issues that are noticeable when there are many enemies. It was warned that bugs could be present when it started up. But holy moly…

Combat was not a particularly spectacular experience. Combat requires you to hold down one trigger and then press another. This took a lot of practice. My offensive efficiency was severely impaired, and many of my deaths resulted from being overwhelmed. At this point, I decided it was best to only take out one or two people and then run. However, I was never completely comfortable in combat and hoped that my somewhat inaccurate aim (my advice, don’t use the controller) would allow me to take out enemies in a matter of seconds.

You won’t be prepared for much of the information in this demo. While some sheets at the beginning will refer to specific items, others are a complete trial-and-error. I was astonished to learn that your weapon could be reloaded by pressing the shoulder button. I was unable to replenish my ammo and had to throw it away. I didn’t know that you could not use more ammunition until your gauge was refilled. I also had no idea how to pump the rifle/shotgun to fire it again. This led to some deaths. Although I eventually got used to the fact that I had to account for these things, it doesn’t speak well about accessibility.

A final note: I had to search for a video guide on how to proceed at Conscript near the end of . I was lost and confused, running aimlessly around the area. Because it was part of the surrounding environment, it turned out that I had misplaced a door. Immersion can be demoralizing. You may think you have explored all the possibilities and that there is no way out. But, the truth is that you were just a few steps away from the solution. It was a problem to even realize at the beginning that some things were continuing trench pathways. It would be greatly appreciated if there were more clear signs for exits and entrances.

Some of these issues are my fault. I will admit that it is due to inexperience. Despite this, the demo helped me improve my knowledge of a new genre. After shedding my ignorance and disappointment, I was able to really enjoy the gameplay. I had a better understanding of what to expect and how I should handle it. However, the demo’s end screen was a bit disappointing. I almost want to replay the demo to see what I can do better.

Graphics and Audio – Explosive Content

As mentioned in part, the Conscript demo consists mainly of visual storytelling. This is a natural progression of war’s tides. There is a lot of dark imagery through destruction, screams, and warm bodies. The specific aesthetic of this film is based on a top-down view. It features very detailed, but pixelated, sprite work that creates muddied places and war-torn characters. This game features animation, which allows for a lot more progressive action while you play. You can hear bullets and explosions far away. There are many horrific details at play.

The central soundtrack is largely ambiance and war noises. There are some rooms that offer respite, such as those with safe areas. A quiet, peaceful tune plays while a light blue flame glows. It is a stark contrast that allows the player to take a deep breath and enjoy the sanctuary before returning to destruction. Although, I can only recall the sound of man-made weapons breaking and the explosions. Andre would probably agree with that.

Another important aspect is darkness. Due to the time period, there isn’t much electricity, so many of the pathways and trenches connecting the areas are darkened. Darkened traversal can create a creepy, isolating feeling of dread. It’s terrifying to know that anything could happen at any time, especially with the warning note you find early in the game. You might also be frightened by explosions that often occur. Never miss an explosion.


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