Are you still searching for the last frustrating piece of information in Psychonauts 2? Double Fine’s “Quality of Life Update” should make completeionism easier.

The QoL update arrived yesterday and adds some useful tools to the end-game. This is for those who want to completely rinse Psychonauts 2’s content. The QoL update adds a post-game “Psychoseismometer‚ÄĚ combat arena for those who need extra baddies to fight in order to earn achievements. But the most important tools are designed to help you collect Psychonauts 2’s many, numerous collectables.

You will see a checkmark in the fast-travel system for regions that you have cleared. This allows you to narrow your search for collectables. A new “Otto Spot” filter can be purchased for the in-game cam. It highlights collectables and shows figments through certain geometries. Double Fine acknowledges that some of these can be frustrating to find and offers a personal apology for one banana. You know if you don’t know.

Lead designer Seth Marinello said that these features “hopefully smooth out some of those rough edges hardcore gamers may have encountered.” “We didn’t intend it to be a tedious process trying to reach 100% for people who really want it. We wanted the whole process of collecting collectables to be fun and exciting.”

Matthew Castle said that Psychonauts 2 was a great sequel. The platforming alone makes the game a joy to play. This week’s update shows that you don’t need to bang your head as much if this brain-bending platformer is played a few more times.

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